Wednesday, March 4, 2015
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Fresh Pressed: Plat Maravich, Buggz, IZM White, and more

fresh pressed

Tons of new names mixed with some old favorites. See what HHRC’s Justine has to say about this batch of new Colorado hip-hop tracks, and she isn’t afraid to be real about it. – Ed. Plat Maravich – “Baby James” ft. Smoove Quotes Funky. I don’t know what to say about this. Listen for yourself. Buggz – “This Road” The video was dope and so are his other videos. I am just not so sure about his skills as an emcee. IZM White  – “They Say Yeah” I couldn’t tell if this was for real or Hip-Hop satire. Smoky Bare – “City Lights/Dreamin” This track has me conflicted. I like the concept, but it’s getting harder to decipher between what’s really dope talent and just good production. Lucchi4k – “Hunger Games” Not sure if this track is really freestyle but I dug it. High Five – “I Got It” Some good lovin’ and to peep this track is all you ... Read More »

Fresh Pressed: Asphate, Ritual of Ether, Rolphy, U.T.I.C.A. and more

fresh pressed

ASPHATE (G4-CSR) – “Like So” The first single off his solo LP this is definitely a stand out track styled with a wonderfully classic beat paired with listen worthy lyrics. Ritual of Ether – “Devil Bitch” This track is somewhere between electro/dubstep and Hip Hop/Rap/Horrorcore. Whatever it is I am feeling it. Definitely something new when it comes to Hip-Hop. Rolphy – “You and I” The song “You and I” by Rolphy carries some heavy content with subject matter that speaks on addiction and denial. The production quality is not great but somehow seems to add to the tone of the track. U.T.I.C.A. – “KILL EM ALL” – ft. Ladyy Chelaa & Koo Qua This track could definitely find its way on to my playlist. It is not super unique but I have to give a shout out to Ladyy Chelaa and Koo Qua. It is always refreshing to hear talented female emcees especially from the local scene where there is not nearly ... Read More »

CRL CRRLL – “Cheers”

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When you hear the name The Solution, it probably evokes visions of rigorous dancing, upbeat and unique musical selection, and an eclectic crowd. And all of that is true. When you hear CRL CRRLL you may see images of cool light shows, a smooth vocal range and intricate beats, which is also true. Put all of that together and you have “Cheers.” When shooting videos to accompany a track as familiar and specific as “Cheers,” why look any further than the parties that inspired it. The gang took the feel good single, collaborated with Black Sock Productions and Jonathan Martin and shot a video at The Solution and Goodness, including both live shots and photos from The Solution photographer, Armando Geneyro (@knoweroftheledge). Why is this such a great video? Well, besides the fact that you’re probably in it, it embodies that feeling, you know the one, where everyone knows your name… “Cheers” is a single off of the forthcoming The ... Read More »