Sunday, September 14, 2014
New Music


Lecrae is not just a Christian rapper


Lecrae has built a following on his faith, as many preachers have done before him, but Lecrae’s medium is the mic rather than the pulpit. Rachel reviewed the MC’s newest project Anomaly for XXL, and explained how the rapper reaches far beyond the pigeonhole he’s been jammed in. Read the full review on XXL now. Read More »

What is R3D Media?


A new name has popped up in Colorado hip-hop lately, and they’ve broken the silence on what they’re on the mission to do. R3D Media, a multimedia company will be offering video, photo and production to hip-hoppers (and other artists) in the area. Beyond media, they have also started a new artist showcase to assist struggling or new musicians in landing a live show. The showcase, “Who’s Got Next” will debut on September 19 at Moe’s Barbecue on Broadway, and features a mostly new line-up including: Rithim, That’s Tre, Hoody Bombs, Kid Gun$, SloeSip and DJ Havok on the turntables…Read more on Read More »

Oren L – Blood Stains and Brush Strokes on a Black Canvas


It begins as an anthem to self realization with nods to drunken nights and family tragedy. Fourteen tracks weave through the growth of both a man and an artist. Blood Stains and Brush Strokes on a Black Canvas, in a word, is vulnerable. It’s a big leap from The Foodchain, Oren’s home team as Champion Sound Killa Black for the past five years, and not something one would expect from a sports broadcaster by day. Out on the very green North By North Records, this album was seven years in the making. Boasting a whole lotta Chopped and Screwed tracks, Coconut Shrimp and Hyde’n Jekyll will be your go-tos if only for the fact that they contrast the rest. They’re a far cry from the dark beats and slowed vocals weighing down most of the album. And it is weighty. You couldn’t bench press it if you tried. This vinyl weighs a ton, and that’s the intention. Back by the ... Read More »