Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Fresh Pressed: FL, Plat Maravich, Soul City, Kid Vegas, Aires Jackson, Catch Lungs, and more

fresh pressed

Singles, albums, and videos on videos. We had an unprecedented amount of submissions this week, so we chose some of our favorites. Which ones are you feelin’? FL – “Time” Beware the drop on this one. FL is at it again, and the Young Amsterdam 4:20 Mixtape is sounding like it might be everything we hoped for. Simply put, “Time” is trance-enducing, and FL’s voice has never sounded smoother. Plat Maravich ft. Smoove Quotes – “Baby James” The Yonnas produced beat is both abrupt and soul-infused, and Plat Maravich plays it to perfection with a nice addition from Smoove Quotes. Plat raps over this beat the way The Godfather of Soul used to perform over one- replete with high pitched vocal inflections and exclamatory delivery. Typhy, Ill Se7en, Panama Saweto – “Blazing Saddles” Mikey Fresh gave the Soul City boys a colorful, wild west backdrop with this beat, and the emcees filled in the scenery. The sound is filtered and relaxed, ... Read More »

Mikey Fresh Talks Soul City Studios


Soul City Studios has been impossible to ignore lately. They’re headlining their own shows, occupying a supporting spot on national tours’ Denver stops, releasing singles, prepping for full projects, and generally becoming official in a way that is integral to any crew’s success. Mikey Fresh, the label’s CEO, producer, DJ, and backbone, sat down with us to talk about Soul City. Though humble to a fault, he’s undeniably proud of his brand and his crew. He spoke on the “fantasy team” he’s assembled, their sound, their collabs, and their future. Soul City has been kickin’ around for a minute, but you’ve made it official now with the Soul City Studios brand. What compelled you to take that next step? To make it official was more a business decision. We needed to make it an LLC and put it on the books. We wanted to be more professional about it and really brand it instead of just, “oh it’s all of ... Read More »

Fresh Pressed: Bullhead*ded, Jiggy Thompson, ProCyse, Fo Chief, Rhyme Pro and more


Big week in Colorado hip-hop, speaking of, have you checked out the Westword Music Award nominees yet? This time of year always creates the biggest stir in the community, but yet no one “cares,” and “it doesn’t matter.” We see y’all, but we love the acknowledgement of the talent in any form and from any source. That said, here’s some new tracks for the week, as always, a plethora. Bullhead*ded (prod. by Maulskull) – “Snuffed” Both Bullhead*ded and Maulskull have their own signature sounds and them together is solid. Jiggy Thompson featuring Bella Scratch – “Feels So Good” Here’s another from the Panama Soweto, Mikey Fresh collaboration, this time with Bella Scratch (yes, the DJ) on the hook. ProCyse and Fo Chief featuring Paul Junior- “Nite Lights” Dig. Rhyme Progression – “Bottom Of Her Barrel” Dude is fairly versatile, always surprising in a young cat. Don Blas  ( DJ MU$A y’all Niggas need Jesus rework) – “AMEN” DJ Musa’s remix of ... Read More »