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Colorado Hip-Hop Track Benefits Sandy Hook Survivors

Faith In ChangeWith negativity and tragedy becoming an everyday occurrence it’s easy to become numb to it and chalk it up to a cruel world. Colorado MC, singer and producer, Paul Junior decided to actually do something about it. He put together a heavy-hitting roster of Colorado artists to create a track that aims to not only touch the hearts of those affected by the recent tragedies, but also assist them financially.

The track, “Faith In Change” (below) costs a measly $1 to download, but 100% of the proceeds will be donated to healingnewtown.org, an organization that aims to heal the community of Newton through the power of art. Appropriate, right?

We took a moment to find out some of the details of how this project came together from Paul Junior.

HipHopRollCall.com: I assume the Sandy Hook shooting hit home with you to inspire putting together a project like this. How did the idea come about?

Paul Junior: Sandy Hook just hit me hard because of the children I am involved with every day of my life. The Aurora theater shootings did as well. I mean when kids are being killed, it just hurts my heart in a certain way. I have many children in my family whom I love and it’s not right to be afraid to send them to school or take them to see a movie. I am not a parent yet, but majority of the artists on this song are, and we want to let people know we are with them and together, we can be strong. Colorado has been the home to some of the most violent shootings in the history of this country, which is why I felt it was our time to sound off and really pay our respects and tributes to the victims involved. If anyone knows how much it hurts, it’s Colorado.


How did you select the artists featured?


The artists featured are artists that I have a lot of respect for personally and who have personally reached out to myself at some point. Now the significance of this lineup is some of these artists had unresolved issues with each other, some have never worked with each other for whatever reason, and some had differences in the past that they could not get over, including myself. When I approached them all about this song with the other artists involved, not one of them hesitated to he involved. This is a symbol to show that during hard times, even the most unexpected can happen. I know some people might be thinking why should people outside of Colorado get behind this right? But it’s precisely because we know the pain better than anyone. We have experienced it first hand, and the musicians out here have a voice, a very strong voice, whether you know it or not. Together we can make a difference. We have faith in change.


Break down how you created the track, from beat, to arrangement to writing to recording.


The track production was created by Soloman Vaughn, who used to go by the moniker Boonie Mayfield. Soloman is one of the most respected producers out here, and most definitely one of the most top quality. I knew he was the man for the job as soon as I had this idea. I contacted the artists for their skill, and their heart. Each artist had the capability of recording their verses and sending it to me in a timely manner. I was able to gather all the verses, put them in a powerful order, and mix the track down to its final.


What do you hope will come out of releasing this track?


If nothing else, I hope it releases the pain from even one person who is having a hard time dealing with these tragedies. Or even just to put a smile on their face and have them reminisce on a positive memory, even in just a brief moment. The victims families go through hard financial times when lives are lost for many reasons. I hope the track is well received and we can do out part in supporting these families by donating a dollar for every download. But that is up to the people…


Anything else?


Put aside your differences everyone and hug the people you love most today, because you never know if they will be there tomorrow. I hope you enjoy the track and you lend your support. Colorado hip-hop cares.


Take a moment to not only listen to the track below, but do your part by clicking  “Buy”  or downloading it here for $1.



“Faith In Change” featuring:
Fo Chief
Paul Junior
SP Double
Spoke In Wordz
Champion Sound Killa Black
Catch Lungs
King Tef
Myke Charles
Bianca Mikahn
Mr. Midas
Produced by Soloman Vaughn

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Much respects to all #COHIPHOP artists who participated on this dope track for a good cause.