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Fresh Pressed: Trev Rich, FL, Young Cracka and Aliens Are From Hell

This week’s Fresh Pressed Friday features two videos and a single. Enjoy.

Trev Rich featuring FL produced by Mic Coats – “Breathe”

This video was directed/filmed by the now defunct Emergency Room Films (Nache Green and Vince Lance), and serves as an almost melancholy reminder of the stellar work they did as a team. The track from top to bottom is on point and the visuals complement this nicely. As another happy reemergence, Mic Coats’ production on “Breathe” is so catchy and we’re happy to see his name again since his departure from The Foodchain.

Aliens Are From Hell (N8H8 x BBI) – “Antimatter”

Aliens Are From Hell is the match up of Cadava Recordz MC, Rotten, now going by N8H8 (Nate Hate) and producer BBI, whom we’re not super familiar with yet. “Antimatter” is a single of the forthcoming album, LIVE FROM BOHEMIAN GROVE due to drop September 11, 2013.

Young Cracka featuring Delta Boi produced by Cheff Premier – “I Got It”

To change it up a bit we have a new video filmed/directed by 8ight Tha Sk8 of Clearview Films featuring the fellas from Stellar Music Entertainment.



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