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Credit, Gary Kennebrew
Credit, Gary Kennebrew

Video: 2MX2 ft. MC Big House & Kontrast – “Let It Grow”

The visual accompaniment of a music video is so vital to hip-hop, even more so in today’s technological world. These pictures or moving images do the job of either complementing or creating a feeling that the song may or may not create on its own. That’s why videos matter, and why good videos can create new fans.

Vince Lance, since his departure from both Colorado and his duo Emergency Room has remained hard at work. His latest video is chock full of the developed story-lines, dark angles and expert filming that he has become known for. In this case, the collaboration with Kontrast and MC Big House on this nasty track, “Let It Grow”  aligns with 2MX2’s thoughtful yet sometimes uncomfortable ideals, all over a familiarly bass-heavy DMD beat.

Now, as an awesomely adorable and humorous accompaniment to the video, check out the commercial for Antiliv. Shouts to DJ Rsquared on this one.

Featured photo by Gary Kennebrew who also assisted on the video.

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