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Colorado hip-hop homestead Bboy Factory robbed in ungrateful new trend

Though there is much positivity and beauty that can be found in hip-hop, there is the other side, the darker one. In a culture that was born in oppression, as a response to unfair treatment there are always those that will continue to rebel, even destroy, and often the targets are the wrong ones. When those supporting and curating the movement are the victims of robbery, there’s nothing to feel but anger and injustice.

Last Tuesday (March 18), local bboy studio, The Bboy Factory was robbed of their sound system and more. Their losses include, turntables, speakers, amplifier, mixer, TV, cash register, some merchandise and art supplies.  The studio which provides classes, parties and a safe place to let loose charges next to nothing for use of the facility, so a loss like this is devastating. A Go Fund account has been set up to help counteract the costs of replacing the equipment so that they can continue to support the community. Unfortunately these kind of occurrences aren’t unheard of, as another local hip-hop supporter, Community Service has been robbed on numerous occasions.

Donate to the Bboy Factory here, because every contribution helps.

The proprietor of the Bboy Factory, Ian Flaws is grateful for the support his facility has received over the last two years.

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