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Plat Maravich – Force of Nature

platEarmarked by an April album release party, Plat Maravich is out with Force of Nature. The last true Colorado Native (even using the Celebrity Sports Center logo as a track image), Plat is equal parts music and sports with a whole lotta good nature poured in. His music reflects both a clever sense of humor (I literally laughed out loud listening to track seven, “Albion Lofts”) and an even-egoed realness.

The album has that easy breezin’, windows down, driving through the D vibe, full of familiar-enough samples that you’ll put it to 11, hang an arm out the window and take the long way. And though there’s several high points along the journey for constant summer rotation, the true banger on Force Of Nature is easily the eighth track. We dove into this jam featuring Smoove Quotes earlier in April. Seriously, though, when was the last time Denver hip hop had so much fun? L.I.F.E. Crew/Ground Zero Movement’s Low Budget Soul in 2005? That was nine years ago, y’all! With tracks seven and eight reigning supreme on Force of Nature, it’s clear that whenever Smoove Quotes and Plat Maravich join forces, you’re gonna have a good time.

More than fun, digestible tracks, though, this album feels fresh and sounds clean. Crediting Denver’s Yonnas Abraham as a driving force behind his sound (which is wildly more polished than you’d expect), it’s only fitting that he produced nine of the 11 tracks on Force of Nature. And, we all know that when Yonnas steers a ship, you’re gonna make it to your destination.

Learn more about Plat Maravich and snag forces of nature at www.platmaravich.com.

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