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Point Out The Bounce ft. Brian Frederick

Anyone in a city like Denver knows that it’s never as big as it claims to be, and the people involved in creative trades often rub elbows from time to time in the process of the grind. It’s really easy to get to know someone, and their reputation, without actually getting to know them. That’s kind of the way it is with me and Nicole, we worked together for a short period of time at one local rag, then split to others, but always maintained that professional friendship through a mutual fascination with local artists. There are few (very few) writers in this town that have as much respect as she does thrown her way from the community — and that says everything about who she really is. I’m stoked to have worked with her through the years, read everything she championed in the scene, and have no doubt she’ll be able to continue on in the positive path wherever she moves. The local scene is worse off for having her leave, but the world is better off for having her in it. Pace!



unnamed (1)Point Out the Bounce culminates in Nicole’s Going Away Party, 12/11/15 at Lost Lake Lounge. DJs Cysko Rokwel and AWHAT will be spinning all night, as well as performances by a few of Nicole’s many subjects over the years: King F.O.E., Big J Beats, Stay Tuned, Diamond Boiz, Status & Manic (of Cadava), and HoTT & Grey Sinatra.




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