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Point Out The Bounce ft. Status

It’s a tough gig writing about a great writer, I’ll start by saying that. None the less it is almost as much of a privilege to write some thoughts about our friend as it has been knowing and conversing with her over the years.

About our friend: I can’t speak to what effect Nicole has had on other artists in Denver but I assume we can all agree that her love of the scene and knowledge of all things Hip Hop began the camaraderie we all share today. Before Nicole took the time to make us feel important and appreciated both individually and as a whole, the scene in Denver felt fractured at best. It was Nicole who bridged these crews and neighborhoods with words, respect and constructive advice. She saw through our (Cadava’s) drunk-evil-wild bravado and judged us solely on our creativity and work. We were not “backpackers” or conscious with our lyrics to the average listener but through Nicole’s ears and ultimately through her written voice, our message was often better conveyed and translated. That was her gift. She was/is real and sweet and helpful. She didn’t write about things she didn’t find important or intriguing, which I took as a great compliment because she wrote about us on numerous occasions.

A message to Nicole: I hate to see you go but I know that you never do anything that doesn’t feel right. You acted as the glue that bound the Denver scene properly and I for one will do my best to keep our section intact. I will always have your back and I am forever in your debt. Please stay in touch – it will be impossible to find somebody to argue and talk shit with about Hip Hop (and life in general) that I truly respect. Love ya!


Stats.. (Zachary “Status” Young and the Cadava Crew)


unnamed (1)Point Out the Bounce culminates in Nicole’s Going Away Party, 12/11/15 at Lost Lake Lounge. DJs Cysko Rokwel and AWHAT will be spinning all night, as well as performances by a few of Nicole’s many subjects over the years: King F.O.E., Big J Beats, Stay Tuned, Diamond Boiz, Status & Manic (of Cadava), and HoTT & Grey Sinatra.



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