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Point Out The Bounce: Nicole Cormier O’Reilly Makes Her Colorado Exit

In early 2016 Nicole Cormier O’Reilly, our beloved editor and a pillar of the Colorado hip-hop community, will be relocating to Las Vegas to continue her remarkable career with AXS.

There. We ripped off the Band-Aid. Let’s continue…

In case you’re new to this game, first understand that Nicole helped build it. She has dedicated endless time and energy to covering and uncovering Colorado hip-hop artists of all kinds. Since 2007 Nicole has written extensively with CO Music Buzz, Westword, aboveGround Mag, CPR, AXS, etc. (as well as a long stint as content manager for Examiner). And still, none of that was enough for her. Nicole felt there was a void in Colorado coverage for the artists hustling to get their music heard. So, ever the G, she took it upon herself to create Hip Hop Roll Call where she aimed to get as much music heard, albums examined, shows promoted, and topical articles read as possible. She did it all for the love.

So before she leaves, we’re kickin’ it back to hunnamed (1)er. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, “Point Out The Bounce” will feature sentiments from members of the Colorado music community about Nicole’s impact. This will continue for one month, as we lead up to (you KNEW it was coming) Nicole’s Going Away Party at Lost Lake Lounge, 12/11/15.

Not yo mama’s going away party, this will be a muthafuckin jam. DJs Cysko Rokwel and AWHAT will be spinning all night, as well as performances by a few of Nicole’s many subjects over the years: King F.O.E., Big J Beats, Stay Tuned, Diamond Boiz, Status & Manic (of Cadava), and HoTT & Grey Sinatra.


Kicking it off for us are the Diamond Boiz:

Zome: I don’t even know where to start talking about Nicole. She’s great, I don’t know what Denver would’ve done without her. She gives everybody a chance, she lets everybody put on their music, man, she actually cares about the music. It’s not about being cool or doing this for her ego, she puts on music for the city because of her love for music and that’s amazing. I’m sad to see her go but it was good to be a part of it.

Jay Class / Dyalekt: I think the first press recognition Diamond Boiz ever received was from Nicole through the Colorado Music Buzz. (Thanks for that). And I’m positive we never would have made the imprint we have without her or HHRC. An amazing friend who’s probably pissed at me for something I forgot to do again, and someone I’ll continue to support and hopefully annoy even though she’s leaving us and shit. Lol.
P.S. I’m Joey Blast (Happy now, Nicole?)

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