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Point Out The Bounce ft. DJ Low Key

In my decade or so in the Denver hip hop scene, Nicole has been one of the biggest, fairest and most vocal proponents of the city’s music. She’s special, not just because she does the tireless, thankless job of thoughtfully documenting the scene in our city, but because she does so with a fairness and honesty that’s virtually extinct in music journalism. That makes her extraordinary, not just for here in Colorado, but for anywhere and I hope that Denver recognizes her for that as well as her writing on a broader scale.

Although I’m sure she’ll still keep a vigilant eye on our scene, our loss becomes Vegas’s gain and hopefully they’ll realize the HUGE addition that she’ll be to their city and music community. Cheers to Nicole for all the years of love and attention she’s put into our city’s scene, for being a strong advocate for what she believes in and fighting the good fight despite the countless challenges that come along with it. Best of luck in Vegas and thanks again for everything you’ve done for Denver Nicole, salute!!!



unnamed (1)Point Out the Bounce culminates in Nicole’s Going Away Party, 12/11/15 at Lost Lake Lounge. DJs Cysko Rokwel and AWHAT will be spinning all night, as well as performances by a few of Nicole’s many subjects over the years: King F.O.E., Big J Beats, Stay Tuned, Diamond Boiz, Status & Manic (of Cadava), and HoTT & Grey Sinatra.

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