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Point Out The Bounce ft. Mane Rok


Yeah. That’s right. Leave it to Mane to start off a letter to/about you humble bragging and shit.

It hit me suddenly, going over what Status had to say about/to you. As our relationship was in it’s budding stages, Mr. Eyl interviewed me over some drinks at Tooey’s. This was post-ManeLine cover story. This was the era where the Westword & Dave Herrera really started picking up Hip-Hop coverage like never before. The performer and nominee list for the Showcase was bigger than we’d ever seen – having grown from 5 nominees in a single Hip-Hop category to a few Hip-Hop categories with over 5 nominees in each. And Mr Eyl said it: “Mane, you’re like the Mayor of Denver Hip-Hop. All the advocating you’ve done, people are really starting to notice that we have a Hip-Hop scene here in Colorado.”

I retorted with “Naw man, I’m less Mayor and more concerned citizen.”

I did this to show a bit of humility, which was sincere, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say until I read what Status wrote, I wore it as this badge of honor on the low. Shit. I quoted it in other interviews, to the point that rappers from here that I’ve known for ever just this past year still brought it up trying to prove they were “governor”, but have never even garnered any press. *El Shrugo* And there I was yesterday, walking to my car to pick up the kid, and it hit me. No great Mayor…Governor…President…no person who has achieved any greatness has done so on their own.

Not saying I’m great or have achieved any level of greatness per se, but I’ve always noticed “my” impact on the scene here. I’ve always known why I’ve been hated on and so forth. But at that moment, I realized this was never ONLY due to me. Hindsight is 20/20, and in looking back I now see a team was building to help everyone in this city involved in Hip-Hop. And if there was anyone that was my equal, it was you. We each had a position to play, and played it well we did.

We embraced the scene, We let the scene beat us up. We shared in the joys of the wins and we felt the pain in watching it fall apart (let’s be honest, it’s not what it was like at it’s precipice.) And yet, with out flinching, we’ve kept it moving. Which brings us to the now…you…literally moving. And Colorado Hip-Hop will never be the same. The integrity you brought to our city, to the publications you worked for on behalf of our community is unmatched. Writers have come and gone, some whose prose maybe had a bit more flow than your own…but their love and integrity for us, for Colorado Hip-Hop, have long been lost in the shadow you cast. And it’s that love and integrity that truly gives the writing weight, because we all know that snakes have the slickest of tongues.

On behalf of all of us whose lives you touched and made better, thank you will never be enough. My family and myself wish you and yours the absolute best in your move west. We know you’ll kill it out there. You know nothing else. And while this is a “goodbye” of sorts, we both know we’ll be crossing paths again soon.


unnamed (1)Point Out the Bounce culminates in Nicole’s Going Away Party, 12/11/15 at Lost Lake Lounge. DJs Cysko Rokwel and AWHAT will be spinning all night, as well as performances by a few of Nicole’s many subjects over the years: King F.O.E., Big J Beats, Stay Tuned, Diamond Boiz, Status & Manic (of Cadava), and HoTT & Grey Sinatra.

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