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Nicole Cormier is a hip-hop head with business ambitions who stumbled awkwardly into journalism in 2007 as Colorado Music Buzz’s hip-hop editor. Nicole quickly became infatuated with Colorado hip-hop and devoted thousands of words to creating awareness of the inconspicuous yet insanely talented community. Over the years Nicole has contributed to several publications, including Womazing.com, aBoveGround Magazine, The Denver Westword and Westword Backbeat. She is always waiting to see what or who will pleasantly surprise her next.

Fresh Pressed: SP Double – “Rolling Stone”


We were digging on this new video for SP Double’s “Rolling Stone” produced by !llmind and some site issues prevented us from posting as our featured video slot. So, we couldn’t let another second go by without posting it. This engaging video was filmed and edited by Jeremy Pape, and though it’s simple, it’s truly a perfect accompaniment to this track.

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Fresh Pressed: A. Meazy – “Juice”


A. Meazy’s debut album, The Real Ned Flanders, was extremely well received, and he’s still banking off that buzz with the drop of the second video for “Juice.” The visuals were shot, directed and edited by Jeremy Pape, and really capture the track’s tempo and theme.

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Fresh Pressed: NmE – “Havens”


The first time we heard NmE was at The Pit open mic night that used to go down at Funky Buddha. He’s also been a sound supporter of the community from all angles since forever. So, when dude sends over his debut solo track, we’re sure as hell gonna post it. His album is dropping on June 23 and the first single, “Havens” was produced by one of our favorites, Big J Beats, and he annihilated it. Check it out and give this cat some honest critique.

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Fresh Pressed: High Five – “Turn It Up”


The latest drop from High Five, “Turn It Up” delivers one of the hottest beats that has come out of the camp. The rhymes are clever and one emcee in particular flexes some intriguing and uneven cadence. We like when people think outside of the box, and this track piqued our interest.

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Fresh Pressed: Sour Mash Kids – “NoWhereToGo”


The Sour Mash Kids (Saint Nic and DJ Discord) released a couple tracks in true hip-hop fashion. The A Side, dropped five months ago, and the B Side dropped yesterday, both expertly scratched up. To offer the intended experience, we offer both sides, right here, right now. Get some. A Side: “IAintGettingOuttaBedToday” B Side: “NoWhereToGo”

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Bump It or Dump It: Faith, optimism and confusion


These cats just want to be heard. Press play, decide if it’s worth bumping, or if it should be dumped and cast your vote. The Clique feat. Juicy – “Lick Gone Wrong” Dude loves god, and getting fucked up. It’s hard to find that balance, I guess. Abeasity Jones – “Tender Roses” This upbeat joint is hard not to like. Ol’ boy has some decent vocal chords too! D-Stylz feat. B3AST – “Forgot About Us” This is the first track off of his recently dropped, Stylz Season, and we were interested in hearing more.  

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Bump it or Dump it: Upbeat, silly and HAM all in one


This is that segment that allows you to get really real. Everyone wants honest feedback about their crafts, so listen and vote on whether the track is worth a second bump or if it should be flushed. Leave additional feedback in the comments, we all would love to know your thoughts. The Hood Consultants – Space Program (Produced by RedHanded) These cats rep all over Denver in this video. Jep Roadie – “Here I am” (Produced by Layird Music) This upbeat joint is hard not to like. Ol’ boy has some decent vocal chords too! Phonosapien – “Success” Another motivational joint to keep the mood elevated. B.Moore- “Kill Socrates” (Feat. Boom Biz, Prod. Amotbeats) We like when people don’t take themselves so seriously.

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Fresh Pressed: Catch Lungs, Cory Kendrix, Hustle Man – “Still Drippen”


Catch Lungs’ newest drop, “Still Drippen” featuring Cory Kendrix and Hustle Man definitely showcases outlandish cadence spewing from each of the rappers, but unlike many sippin’ tracks, this one doesn’t seem cliché. The beat nods to the chop and screw OG, DJ Screw, and the track itself is simply…(and slowly) fun. Who doesn’t love it when musicians just let loose a bit. What you think of Catch Lungs, Cory Kendrix, and Hustle Man – “Still Drippen”?

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Fresh Pressed: Trev Rich – “10”


On his birthday last month, Trev Rich celebrated by telling a piece of his story in appropriate list fashion, over Biggie’s “10 Crack Commandments” (mixed by Squizzy Taylor). It’s tough to even touch beats that were destroyed by legends, but Trev didn’t do half bad on this rendition. You make the call on Trev Rich – “10.”

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Fresh Pressed: A.V.I.U.S. – Next Best Me


This project from A.V.I.U.S., most widely known as the emcee of Prime Element (fka 3 The Hardway), dropped a few months back, and we enjoyed it as much as any of his solo projects. With beastly features from AG Flux, Fo Chief, Kid Astronaut, Paul Junior, Venus Cruz and Jay Class on only six tracks, the emcee hardly did it alone, but he definitely reinforced his relevance in the game, even after a noticeable hiatus. Of the EP, A.V.I.U.S. says, “This album was to show my growth not only as an artist, not only in the music aspect of writing and recording music, but in life.” We promise we weren’t sleeping on this one, but were you? Don’t worry, it’s not too late!

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