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Nicole Cormier

Nicole Cormier  is a hip-hop head with business ambitions who stumbled awkwardly into journalism in 2007 as Colorado Music Buzz’s hip-hop editor.  Nicole quickly became infatuated with Colorado hip-hop and devoted thousands of words to creating awareness of the inconspicuous yet insanely talented community. Over the years Nicole has contributed to a multitude of publications, including AXS.com, CPR, Tourworthy, CBS, Womazing.comaBoveGround MagazineThe Denver Westword and Westword Backbeat. She is always waiting to see what or who will pleasantly surprise her next.
Rachel Chesbrough
A Denver transplant originally from the east coast, Rachel fell hard for the Colorado music scene upon her arrival in 2006. She has written and edited locally for Unda$tream Magazine and was included in the Rap Round Table for hiphopisread.com, but she is most well known for her staff writing work for hip hop giant,  XXL Magazine. .
Aujha Alexander
Aujha Alexander

Aujha means sunshine, and she plans to shine bright with her present and future endeavors. Aujha was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Having a hip-hop head for a father, she gained an appreciation for the art of the genre early on. She is currently a college student pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a television production concentration. Aujha can always be found wherever the music and bumpin’. Follow Aujha on Tumblr (veryveryspiffy) and Instagram(@aujha_aye).

Justin Romero
Justin Romero
Webmaster / Graphic Designer — webmaster@hiphoprollcall.com
Mandi Pacheco
Mandi is an avid football fan. Specifically a Denver Broncos fan. Mandi not only knows her sports stuff, but she also stays well-versed in music. A longtime hip-hop fan, Mandi is immersed in the community and is looking forward to devoting more time to her musical passions. But her Broncos will always come first.
800 The Jewell
800 The Jewell was born and raised in Denver and got started in the rap game in ‘94.  He has the honor of watching the Denver music scene grow and evolve over the past 20+ years. 800 has spent the last 20 years perfecting his skills in music composition, writing, arranging, producing, recording and mixing.  800 is the founder of Jewell Tyme Music, which has won numerous awards and honors over the years. In ‘06, 800 was considered for a Grammy nomination for “Best Urban/Alternative Performance” for a song he wrote called, “Who Said The Funk Would Die”. Now, 800 wishes to search a little deeper into the Colorado music scene and get the 411 from the artists themselves.
Justine Sandoval
Justine Sandoval is a sixth generation Coloradoan. Denver born and raised, the Mile High City is where she first fell in love with Hip-Hop as a teenager and that love has been going strong ever since. In 2006 she helped to create the Denver chapter of Hip-Hop Congress. A community group that works to promote viable urban art and to educate communities on the importance of Hip-Hop culture and social expression. She is a self-described “Hip-Hop Connoisseur” and when not in the scene she works full time in the political world currently fighting on behalf of women’s reproductive rights with college students in Colorado..


Joey Blast

joey blast

Joey Blast is knowledgeable about hip-hop as a genre, culture and industry and he shares his expertise in his own opinionated and unpleasant way. His editorials will be as informative as they are hard to swallow. Warning, Blast’s content is not for those with thin skin or easily bruised egos.