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The 3hree Project


Today is the day, the one that many of us Colorado hip-hop heads have been waiting for. The official drop date of The 3hree Project. Find out more about the project and those involved over at www.thethreeproject.com or stream the whole project below.  

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Fresh Pressed: BLKHRTS, Trev Rich, Typhy, Spoke In Wordz, Oren L and more

fresh pressed

We had a bit of a backup again, but as usual, our procrastination leads to your musical jackpot. Here is a plethora of new (ish) Colorado hip-hop music in the form of singles, videos and full projects. Enjoy. Trev Rich featuring Devon – “Sometimes” BLKHRTS – “wrathofGOD” Directed by Jeremy Pape of Welcome to the D.O.P.E. Game. Typhy – “Everything”  Produced by Mikey Fresh of Soul City Studios. Molina Speaks – Everyday Denver Oren L. – “Prickly” Written and directed by Fa’al Ali of Eazy Media Oren L. “Prickly” [OFFICIAL VIDEO] from Fa’al Ali on Vimeo. PTR – Arsonist Match Traveller’s Music – “My Complex” The 17th featuring Spoke In Wordz – “Thirsty” Convalent Bond – “Bass Fishing (Say What)” Planes! – “Richie Rich” Produced by A-Trak Babah Fly – “Choices” Low Viscosity – “Abracadabra”  

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June 28th Red Bull Sound Select Line-up Announced

Flier by Joseph Martinez

Red Bull, a notorious party starter of a company does marketing in a whole different, and much preferable manner. Their interest in the counter cultures, namely music, skateboarding and other sub-genres has done wonders for each of the respective industries. Recently, the energy drink purveyors have been doing a ton of shows in Denver through Red Bull Sound Select, working with expert area tastemakers to curate the most interesting line-ups possible. DJ Low Key curated his first RBSS show in April featuring Bun B, FL and more, and he’s back at it again with another stellar bill. On Saturday, June 28 at Larimer Lounge, hip-hop heads and music connoisseurs alike will witness a coming together of Vic Mensa, Leather Corduroys, BLKHRTS, CRL CRRLL, and  host DJ Lazy Eyez. This eclectic line-up seems to represent musicians known for pushing the limits of genre-boundaries, hitting all sides of the hip-hop spectrum, while catering to the old and new. When asked about his ...

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[CLOSED]Giveaway: BLKHRTS going away party at Larimer Lounge on Saturday


Everyone’s favorite goth/rap crew are packing their shit and taking their show to Los Angeles. On Saturday (Jan. 25) BLKHRTS are welcoming everyone to come send them off in style at Larimer Lounge. This can’t miss show will offer many treats for die hard fans and sleepers alike, like the premier of their new video, “Poorties,” and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly to LA to spend three days living the BLKHRT lifestyle. They will select one winner at random at the show. So, come say farewell to the BLKHRTS and wish them luck in this new stage in their lives. We’re giving away TWO pairs of tickets to two lucky fans on Friday (Jan 24). To enter to win, do the following:     1. SHARE via OR 2. Comment with your favorite BLKHRTS track below. We’ll announce our winners on Friday, January 24, 2014. Good luck!

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Fresh Pressed: Aires Jackson, BLKHRTS, Spoke In Wordz, SP Double, Pries and Air Dubai


Another big week in Colorado hip-hop so yet again we will do a  duel Fresh Pressed. Today we’ll go through some of the new videos that just dropped, and Friday we’ll list the tracks. As always, please feel free to sound off on what you think. Aires Jackson – “So Sick Boi” The crisp and clean visuals that accompany Aires Jackson’s new single, “So Sick Boi” were put together by the McReynolds Brothers, who recently also directed and produced BLKHRTS’ video for “Pure, Pitch Black” and their latest single (see below). The brothers behind the camera do an amazing job at executing a story line while the brothers in front of it are  natural performers. Lenny Lenn and James Ray spit so nice in this one, accentuated by the nasty beat by Qknox, making this track one of their best yet. Don’t believe us, check it yourself. BLKHRTS – “BRK T M (Bark At Me)” Speaking of BLKHRTS, their latest video for ...

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Lord of the Microphone: The Multi-faceted Emcee


HipHopRollCall has run through DJing, breaking, and graffiti in the Mile High, highlighting our collective talent in these original pillars of hip-hop. These elements have been called the “core four,” so it’s time to round this shit out with the fourth pillar: hip-hop’s front man, the emcee. This month we’re examining components of emceeing through the eyes of various rappers within the community. They step off the stage and out of the booth to explain their experience in different aspects of the game; what’s worked for them and what hasn’t, what they love and what they can’t stand, and what they’ve learned about the craft that they’re addicted to. (Jump to the individual categories) Master of Ceremonies Writing Freestyle Image Live Shows Battle Touring Recording Message Promotion This piece was written and researched by Ru Black, Rachel Chesbrough and Nicole Cormier. Master of Ceremonies Being an emcee, means a lot of things, but where the name, and concept came from ...

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BLKHRTS – Death, Romance and the Color BLK


In the year and a half since BLK S BTFL was released, King Foe, Yonnas and Karma Tha Voice have been busy putting together solo projects, touring and preparing to drop an EP. Despite being on their grind to dominate the world one black heart at a time, they put together Death, Romance and the Color BLK to hold us over. Direct without over-simplifying, the mixtape is aptly titled. Songs like “ The Space Between,” and “IFLYJJ (I F*&%$ing Love You Jezebel Jenkins)” explore the death of romance from different perspectives. On “At Least I can Say,” desperate cries of “baby” are the perfect compliment to Yonnas’ tragic story of a lost love. With no more to offer than his song, he exclaims his imperfect love until death. Alternatively, Foe takes a more practical approach. “There’s a difference between a want and a need and I don’t want you to go but I need you to leave.” Exploring both side ...

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Fresh Pressed: The Soul Pros, BLKHRTS, and Pager


Just a little less quantity on this Fresh Pressed Friday, but never less quality. We’ve got a new super group on our hands, Denver. And they’ve got a summer anthem on theirs. Conversely, one of CO’s biggest names has a new video out, and “summer” might be the last thing on your mind after watching it. Lastly we have a graff time lapse video- Coloradocentric, naturally. The Soul Pros – “Peace in the Mile High” Pavlo Kee, Mike Wird, and DJ A-L have teamed up to form The Soul Pros. This is their first project, but we’re looking forward to more soon. (Bonus points if you can point out where our HHRC writer makes a cameo). BLKHRTS – “Pure Pitch Black” BLKHRTS don’t give a fuck about a summer jam. Period. Pager – Time Lapse Video Colorado graff writer, Pager, provides a time lapse video of his work. Check it out and let us know what you think…

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King FOE and 800 the Jewell – Jewell Tyme Music Presents…The First 48


Though the two names on this project run with the same camp (Jewell Tyme Music) we haven’t seen a collab from the King FOE and 800 since Music, Money and Roundtables which was released in 2007. This album starts out strong with “Coming For Ya (First 48)” over a perfectly melodic and repetitive cut, which 800 is masterful at creating. Both MCs come hard both with delivery and content. The message is simple, and well known: don’t fuck with this pair. The transition into the far more energetic, “4 The Rest of My Life” is seamless. FOE starts off with his typical broke rapper woes that consequently, are always that much more interesting coming from him. Though the hook is off key, it’s surprisingly catchy, and simply works.  That is until J. Carey blesses the next track with his intensely soulful croon, which is hard to top. The album proceeds to slow down a bit on “Frienz,” with FOE taking on ...

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Sound Off: J Money


One love and many blessnz to all. This edition of Sound Off, I got the pleasure of sitting down with an individual that has learned that there are many ways to achieve success in the rap game, without even hittin’ the studio…  The one and only, J Money from Dub Treys. With that said, let’s Sound Off! 800:  Your story is a lil’ different from a lot of other artists.  What I mean is, a lot of  artists concentrate on recording albums, doing shows, videos and so on…  You have found a new vein for success with rap here in Colorado.  Put us up on game and what you’ve been doing lately? J Money:  It’s Battle Rap!  The way I did it was I started looking at it from a business stand point.  I realized that there is such a strong hold by the media on industry music, it’s controlled by six white men (that’s just real).  Lincoln Financial owns ...

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