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Fresh Pressed: Catch Lungs, Cory Kendrix, Hustle Man – “Still Drippen”


Catch Lungs’ newest drop, “Still Drippen” featuring Cory Kendrix and Hustle Man definitely showcases outlandish cadence spewing from each of the rappers, but unlike many sippin’ tracks, this one doesn’t seem cliché. The beat nods to the chop and screw OG, DJ Screw, and the track itself is simply…(and slowly) fun. Who doesn’t love it when musicians just let loose a bit. What you think of Catch Lungs, Cory Kendrix, and Hustle Man – “Still Drippen”?

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Fresh Pressed: Aklock, H*Wood, Sour Mash Kids, Catch Lungs and many more


As usual a bunch of stuff of fresh new tracks, videos and projects. Please feel free to sound off with what you’re digging (or not). Aklock (Black Mask) – Life, Death and Beyond Produced by AG Flux H*Wood x Yasi – “First Light” Video Sour Mash Kids (Saint Nic and DJ Discord formerly Boombox Saints) – “The Force” Catch Lungs  – “Follow My Dreams” (shot and directed by Jeremy Pape) HoTT & Dos Beats – Pilotwings2 Rasean Douja – “Still Dreaming” Molina Speaks – No Translation, No Comment Acezi – Nameru

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The Rap-A-Thon Class of 2013


On August 30, 2013 history was made. Dozens of MCs congregated at The Savoy (2700 Arapahoe) to spit the longest non-stop cypher that Denver has ever seen (heard), and they did it. From 8 p.m. (sharp) to close to midnight, MCs rapped, periodically passing the mic to the next eager rhymer. From writtens to freestyles, we heard a lot of stories over the course of the night, but all of them legitimate, as novices and veterans alike each had their turn on the mic. The overall vibe of the evening matched the classy ambiance of The Savoy’s ballroom – beautiful. Like any yearbook session, many didn’t show up on picture day, but those that did offered their favorite line delivered that evening.   The emcee’s energy was palpable as they passed the mic around the cypher. Each emcee completely different from one another with the same passion and drive.           The party people were just as ...

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Lord of the Microphone: The Multi-faceted Emcee


HipHopRollCall has run through DJing, breaking, and graffiti in the Mile High, highlighting our collective talent in these original pillars of hip-hop. These elements have been called the “core four,” so it’s time to round this shit out with the fourth pillar: hip-hop’s front man, the emcee. This month we’re examining components of emceeing through the eyes of various rappers within the community. They step off the stage and out of the booth to explain their experience in different aspects of the game; what’s worked for them and what hasn’t, what they love and what they can’t stand, and what they’ve learned about the craft that they’re addicted to. (Jump to the individual categories) Master of Ceremonies Writing Freestyle Image Live Shows Battle Touring Recording Message Promotion This piece was written and researched by Ru Black, Rachel Chesbrough and Nicole Cormier. Master of Ceremonies Being an emcee, means a lot of things, but where the name, and concept came from ...

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Fresh Pressed: Catch Lungs, Hustle Man, Rap League, Rhyme Progression, Molina Speaks, InkLine and Stoney Bertz


You’re no doubt miserable that you’re back at work after a long weekend, but what better way to ease the pain than listening to some new music. Today we have three new singles and three full length projects, no better hangover cure. Hustle Man & Catch Lungs – “Ferrari Dreams” Rap League (Justice, Manifest & Rukes) – “As Real As” Rhyme Progression – “Best Known” (Produced by Equalibrum) Molina Speaks – Greatest Rapper Never Heard InkLine – Vice Verses Vol. 1 Stoney Bertz – Slight Smiles

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What’s In a Name?


They say you only get one chance at a first impression. For rappers, that can be as fleeting as their name being seen on a flier or heard in a passing conversation. An emcee’s name (whether earned or self-proclaimed) can garner attention or render them forgettable, and it typically speaks volumes about their persona as an artist. The stories behind the titles are often alluded to in their raps, but rarely do we get the full explanation. We made note of some of CO’s most intriguing rap names, and asked the emcees to explain them in their own words. What we got were stories of hilarity, graff, resilience, power, and more. Check out our favorite 10 below, in no particular order: 1. Catch Lungs – Catch Lungs comes from a name I made up for myself in high school. I lived in a pretty small town in Colorado and I was slangin’ maaaad trees. I had the connect from Cali for ...

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Colorado Hip-Hop Track Benefits Sandy Hook Survivors

Faith In Change2

With negativity and tragedy becoming an everyday occurrence it’s easy to become numb to it and chalk it up to a cruel world. Colorado MC, singer and producer, Paul Junior decided to actually do something about it. He put together a heavy-hitting roster of Colorado artists to create a track that aims to not only touch the hearts of those affected by the recent tragedies, but also assist them financially. The track, “Faith In Change” (below) costs a measly $1 to download, but 100% of the proceeds will be donated to healingnewtown.org, an organization that aims to heal the community of Newton through the power of art. Appropriate, right? We took a moment to find out some of the details of how this project came together from Paul Junior. HipHopRollCall.com: I assume the Sandy Hook shooting hit home with you to inspire putting together a project like this. How did the idea come about? Paul Junior: Sandy Hook just hit me hard because of ...

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