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Point Out The Bounce: Nicole Cormier O’Reilly Makes Her Colorado Exit

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In early 2016 Nicole Cormier O’Reilly, our beloved editor and a pillar of the Colorado hip-hop community, will be relocating to Las Vegas to continue her remarkable career with AXS. There. We ripped off the Band-Aid. Let’s continue… In case you’re new to this game, first understand that Nicole helped build it. She has dedicated endless time and energy to covering and uncovering Colorado hip-hop artists of all kinds. Since 2007 Nicole has written extensively with CO Music Buzz, Westword, aboveGround Mag, CPR, AXS, etc. (as well as a long stint as content manager for Examiner). And still, none of that was enough for her. Nicole felt there was a void in Colorado coverage for the artists hustling to get their music heard. So, ever the G, she took it upon herself to create Hip Hop Roll Call where she aimed to get as much music heard, albums examined, shows promoted, and topical articles read as possible. She did it all for ...

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Weekend Planning: July 10-13


HipHopRollCall is hitting the road this weekend, but there are tons of events happening on our home turf that we thought you should know about. No excuses, get up, get out and get some. Thursday, July 10 Oren L Album Release Party Oren L (formerly known as ChampionSoundKillaBlack) of Foodchain is dropping his debut solo project, BS|BS|BC and celebrating with a party at Larimer Lounge. The release show will also feature live sets from, FL, AP and GYP DAHIP. Larimer Lounge 2721 Larimer St. Denver, CO 80205 (303) 291-1007 Doors 8 p.m. | 21+ | $10 RSVP  Devin the Dude at 710 Celebration For the summer cannabis celebration, 710 (Oil, when it’s upside down) will take another excuse to rejoice in Colorado’s freedom. At Casselman’s you can catch Devin the Dude, Diamond Boiz, Java Starr and a bboy expo by Fate Rokz. The event is sponsored by Cannabis Connoisseur’s Coalition, KS107.5 and more. Casselman’s Bar & Venue 2620 Walnut St. Denver, Colorado 80205 (720) ...

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Prime Element – Welcome To The Future


The much anticipated sophomore release from Prime Element is finally here, and it only took close to five years. I mean, we’ll give them a break, among name changes, label pick ups, touring, re-branding of Set In Stone, and a couple solo projects, it’s not like they’ve been slacking. But that said, Welcome To The Future is here, and it’s everything an ideal second project should be. They didn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel here, but what they do is such a pleasure to rock to each and every time. There’s obvious evolution in story line and writing ability, and – if possible – their style has further reverted to the golden era making for a familiar sound. Welcome To The Future rockets right out the gate with “The P.” The simple, ’90s era west coast style production nods to their first album, specifically using Guru’s line from “Mass Appeal,” and the easy  name reciter will inevitably translate to a ...

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Prime Element To Release Welcome To The Future At The Solution Nov. 1st


Prime Element has been standing just outside of the hypothetical limelight for a while (almost a year, since we’ve barely had the opportunity to cover them), but A.V.I.U.S., Es Nine and Cysko Rokwel have been holed up in the lab preparing a bunch of stuff for our listening pleasure. On Friday, November 1st you can hear exactly what they’ve been up to at The Meadowlark for The Solution and Welcome To The Future release/listening party. Welcome To The Future EP is the group’s highly anticipated second project, and it can be downloaded at primeelement.bandcamp.com come November 2, 2013. In the meantime, to get you hyped up for next Friday check out this promo video that includes snippets of some of the music you will hear. Spoiler alert: it’s fantastic! See you all November 1st. Oh! And the awesome album art was brought to you by Delton Demerest, who also did their Set In Stone cover (amongst many many other things).  

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Weekend Planning: Art shows, Birthdays and Hip-Hop


If we can just make it through the week, this weekend is looking to be a good one. Of course, I’m a little biased, because this is my birthday weekend. Coincidentally, there are some really great events that will be going down that I wanted to highlight.  As always, check out the HHRC calendar to pre-plan your weekend. Friday Chubby Robot has become synonymous with the innovative and awesome events he throws. Much like his 8bit Video Game show, his latest show, Gutter Kids, inspired by the Garbage Pail Kids is yet again setting the bar for creative and fun events. Opt Won, the curator knows his events speak for themselves. “Anything I do with Chubby Robot, I try to make sure it is so unique no one will ever be able to duplicate it.” This event, which goes down Friday, August 2nd at Buffalo Exchange (51 Broadway) from 6-11 p.m. features many artists interpretations of themselves as a “Gutter ...

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Basementalism 5/31/2003


Highlights of this week’s episode include the Pete Rock produced “Da Villa” by Slum Village, DJ Babu and The Beatnuts with “Duck Season,” Self Scientific ft. Krondon & Planet Asia with “Three Kings,” the seldom heard  “Suite for Beaver pt.1” by People Under The Stairs, “Rise Up” by Brassmunk, and when you hear “A Request for my man Dylan” after Slum Village , that is Adict talking about a young ME before I ever joined Basementalism.   Basementalism Radio 5/31/03 PART 1 by Pretzel Wilhelm Mustard on Mixcloud Basementalism 5/31/03 Part 2 SIDE A by Pretzel Wilhelm Mustard on Mixcloud Basementalism 5/31/03 Part 2 SIDE B by Pretzel Wilhelm Mustard on Mixcloud Playlists:

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Basementalism: April 19, 2003


This full episode of Basementalism includes DJs Cysko Rokwel, Inka One and DJ Thought. It was originally aired on April 19, 2003 will be broken into three parts (remember, these were captured on cassette tape). Basementalism 4/19/03 Part 1 Side A ft. DJ Cysko Rokwel by Pretzel Wilhelm Mustard on Mixcloud Basementalism 4/19/03 Part 1 Side B ft. DJ Inka One by Pretzel Wilhelm Mustard on Mixcloud Basementalism 4/19/03 PART 2 SIDE A AND B Ft. DJ Thought by Pretzel Wilhelm Mustard on Mixcloud

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Hip-Hop’s Backbone: Colorado DJs


Every head has heard someone say that DJs are the backbone of hip-hop, but here in Denver it seems especially true, as our DJs are the cream of the crop, and take their role in the game seriously. They work as party starters, record breakers, sturdy foundations and overall supporters of the music in every way. Just last month the Denver DMC Regional Battle took place here in Denver at Casselman’s at the tail end of a pretty nasty blizzard. Though no Colorado DJ placed in the event, the DJs that entered showed up and did some really creative routines. The judges for the event were DJ Deus, Fast4Ward and Rob Swift (X-Ecutioners), and they had their work cut out for them, because the audience was vibing with a good majority of the contestants. The battle ended with DJ Dividend Cut (NC) in 3rd, DJ Ohm (NM) placing 2nd and DJ Chuck Flava (CA) taking it all. Trailing closely were Colorado’s own ...

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Cysko Rokwel


DJ Cysko Rokwel (1/3 of Prime Element) and member of the Crunk Bros, may be most people’s favorite Colorado battle DJ, with good reason. No stranger to the DMCs he will go on to compete this year out of state to qualify for the championships. Cysko has always been one to rock a crowd of any size, and always has them wondering “who is this guy?” When and how did you get your start? In ’97 I used to kick it with DeeJay Tense and his older brother Dusto. They had a set up and we used to paint and party together. So I started collecting records and was already a fan of DJ battle videos. We used to have scratch sessions, trying to mimic what we seen on the battle vids and heard on mixtapes. Started battling in ’99 (got spanked by Chonz, Vajra & 120), and got my own set up in 2001. First a mixer, then one ...

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DJ Ear Attent


DJ Ear Attent may have every man’s dream job, but though he is chained to a specific musical demographic while at “the office,” his passions lay with true turntablism. Ear Attent is not shy about his lack of compassion about what you want to listen to, but instead he will figure it out. When and how did you get your start DJing? I started to DJ when I was around 15, I think. I had some older friends that were into DJing. Occasionally they would let me try. I believe what really inspired me to try to pursue it myself was hearing a DJ Rectangle tape. He was playing a Mobb Deep instrumental with a Biggie a capella I think. My mind was blown. How’d you pick your name? I don’t really remember why I picked the name “Ear Attent.” I wanted to have a name that didn’t sound like anyone else and I wanted it to be clever. At ...

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