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Hip-Hop’s Backbone: Meet More Colorado DJs


Our first DJ feature was about this time last year just after the DMC Regional Battle. The super ambitious article included interviews from 21 of Colorado’s favorite DJs. Because the 2014 DMC Regional Battle is just around the corner we decided that we should catch up with a few of the DJs that we missed last round. Spend a few minutes reading the informative, sometimes funny, always awesome responses from a few of the area deckmasters.  

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The Homogenization of Denver Style


Denver has been a hipster city, for years, and honestly we can’t hate it entirely, it’s brought the area much growth and new opportunity as well as some really cool new businesses. Amongst handlebar mustaches, beanies, PBR, flannel and the other ironic ideals, there is much to celebrate about the sometimes annoying and overused stereotype. Shit, I find that many things “hipsters” like, I like too. That said, now everywhere I look I see the same recycled logos, watermarks and other branding materials. These repetitive techniques are getting old, and really are a disservice to your brand, because how could you possibly stand apart from the countless others? Here are a few of the top offenders. Uber Simple Circle Logo I get it, these logos come off as minimal and clean, but if your logo looks like it was made in a generator – hipster or otherwise – it’s probably time for an upgrade. See if you can create your ...

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Elite Philosophy Clothing


Elite Philosophy Clothing’s name pops up a lot in the hip-hop community recently, and for sound reason. They are hip-hop. Hailing from Albuquerque they not only support the Colorado art community, they aim to be an integral part of it. Their sponsorship of musicians and artists is intriguing as it hasn’t been done all that much in the area, and is seemingly mutually beneficial. With fresh designs and a figurative ear to the street they will have no problem outfitting people for years to come. We got up with co-owner of Elite Philosophy Clothing, Nicole to learn a bit about the brand and why it is so important. How did Elite Philosophy come about? We were both set out to be entrepreneurs. Dave has always had a passion for clothing  and wanted to develop his own line. I have a passion for music and art. We combined our ideas and came up with  Elite Philosophy. That backs all artistic talent and ...

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Epic Brewing Company celebrates graffiti with newest brew


Fresh off the line, just today, Epic Brewing Company unveils their newest brew, RiNo Pale Ale. What’s most interesting about this new beer from the Utah based brewery is the label which was modeled after a mural by THiNK426, a Denver graffiti artist and tattooer. As another added bonus, The Anarchivist, HHRC contributing photographer shot the photo that is used on the label.  Check out the label and the meaning behind it below, and make sure to try the beer if you get the opportunity, because community support tastes so good! Here’s what Epic Brewing Company has to say about the brew: “The RiNo: gritty, artsy, industrial, transformational, friendly, unpretentious and home to our Colorado brewery. This mural, by graffiti and tattoo artist ‘THiNK426’ (http://illresist.com/), can be found within a block of the brewery. The digital image was photographed by ‘The Anarchivist’ (Gary Glasser) whose massive collection of digital works focuses on the ‘ever changing world of graffiti and mural art’ ...

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Caution: Wet Paint – June 19, 2013

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Powered by the Anarchivist…  

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Hip-Hop’s Backbone: Colorado DJs


Every head has heard someone say that DJs are the backbone of hip-hop, but here in Denver it seems especially true, as our DJs are the cream of the crop, and take their role in the game seriously. They work as party starters, record breakers, sturdy foundations and overall supporters of the music in every way. Just last month the Denver DMC Regional Battle took place here in Denver at Casselman’s at the tail end of a pretty nasty blizzard. Though no Colorado DJ placed in the event, the DJs that entered showed up and did some really creative routines. The judges for the event were DJ Deus, Fast4Ward and Rob Swift (X-Ecutioners), and they had their work cut out for them, because the audience was vibing with a good majority of the contestants. The battle ended with DJ Dividend Cut (NC) in 3rd, DJ Ohm (NM) placing 2nd and DJ Chuck Flava (CA) taking it all. Trailing closely were Colorado’s own ...

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DMC Denver Regional Battle


On March 23rd, 2013 on a freezing and icy Denver evening the DMC Denver Regional Battle went down at Casselman’s Bar & Venue. The event was brought to us by Christie Z-Pabon and the DMC World DJ Championships,  hosted by Panema Soweta and Lazy Eyez, and held down by DJs Es-Nine and Low Key. Many extremely talented DJs came out to the event. Here’s how it shaped up: We interviewed Chuck Flava and DJ Ohm after the event. Click their photos to read their interviews.   Check out these amazing photos of the DJs and B-Boys by Tim McClanahan.

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Fly4Wird – “Water”


Fly4Wird, the collective consisting of MC/Producer Babah Fly, DJ Fast4Ward and MC/B-boy Mike Wird just released a new video to accompany their track, “Water.” This video is filmed and directed by Spencer Zappolo. 

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Kid Vegas – No More Silence Vol. 1


Kid Vegas is a pretty good rapper. He has a distinguishable voice and booming presence. His personality is warm and inviting and he knows how to move a crowd with fervor. To that end, his latest record No More Silence Vol. 1 is a catastrophic example of what the Denver rapper can do. The album is so sparse in substance, content and listen-ability it’s unfair. Opening with a strange intro wherein the speaker is implored to “stop bull-shitting,” the interlude doesn’t bode well for the rest of the record. “All On Me,” a “trap music” beat, (a genre that is single-handedly proving people will listen to and consume anything as trendy) is spastic, scattered and so forgettable it’s hard to determine exactly what Vegas is rapping about. With a title like No More Silence we expect grandiose statements, or watershed moments of artistic recognition. Kid Vegas does not deliver. From a production standpoint (usually one of Vegas’ strong suits) the beats are surprisingly watered ...

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Top Of Da Boxx Revives the Video Show


Remember back when video shows were the best way to find out about new music? Glued to the TV we’d watch our favorite MCs in action while hoping that we’d find our new favorite artist in the same episode. The video show has all but died on television, but is still live and well via YouTube, and Colorado hip-hop now has sound representation in this media form. The self proclaimed, “Hardest working videographer in Colorado,” 8ight Tha Sk8 of Clearview Films and Colorado hip-hop mainstay, Nyke Nitti have come together to create Top of Da Boxx. This video show, hosted by Nyke, intends on dropping new and fresh videos each Thursday at noon. The format as it stands today allows for new videos, guest interviews and viewer voting on which videos move on to the countdown episodes. The “set” is about as informal as it gets, putting the guests at ease in the anything-goes-atmosphere. The comfort stops there though, because ...

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