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CRL CRRLL – “Cheers”

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 9.42.27 AM

When you hear the name The Solution, it probably evokes visions of rigorous dancing, upbeat and unique musical selection, and an eclectic crowd. And all of that is true. When you hear CRL CRRLL you may see images of cool light shows, a smooth vocal range and intricate beats, which is also true. Put all of that together and you have “Cheers.” When shooting videos to accompany a track as familiar and specific as “Cheers,” why look any further than the parties that inspired it. The gang took the feel good single, collaborated with Black Sock Productions and Jonathan Martin and shot a video at The Solution and Goodness, including both live shots and photos from The Solution photographer, Armando Geneyro (@knoweroftheledge). Why is this such a great video? Well, besides the fact that you’re probably in it, it embodies that feeling, you know the one, where everyone knows your name… “Cheers” is a single off of the forthcoming The ...

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The Precipice; FL talks Red Bull, Young Amsterdam, and more


The momentous energy that surrounds F. Lawless these days is palpable. He’s aligned himself with the upcoming summer season, snaking through block after city block with an onslaught of heat. He spoke with us about his recent membership in the Red Bull Sounds Select family (along with the equally unstoppable ReMINDers duo), his strategy behind his newly released project, and what else he has planned – spoiler, it’s more, and it’s sooner, than you’d expect.   So, congratulations are in order! You are officially a Red Bull Sound Select artist. What’s the story behind how that happened for you? Thank you!  So basically DJ Low Key has had a great relationship with Red Bull for the last few years.  They recently approached him to be a Local Denver curator for their Red Bull Sound Select Program.  Low Key has been a strong supporter of both foodchain, and my recent solo efforts, LIMBO and Young Amsterdam.  Beyond that Low Key is a super knowledgeable, dedicated DJ ...

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Recap: 2014 DMC DENVER Regional DJ Battle

2014 Denver DMC Regional DJ Battle | Credit, Blake Jackson

The Denver DMC Regional DJ Battle went down Saturday, March 29th at Cassleman’s Bar and Venue, and the unpackable venue was surprisingly full as a variety of heads milled about trying to catch a glimpse of greatness. The Soul City Crew put on a vibrant performance in between the earlier and later rounds, with Panema Soweto and Ill Seven displaying airtight delivery and Luke Skyy giving the b-boys and girls a funky track to live for. There was a smattering of technical problems throughout the night, likely due to the new management at Cassleman’s, and we’d be lying if we said it went un-bitched about by performers and supporters alike. However, the skill in the building did more than enough to overshadow any of the venue’s shortcomings. Chris Karns’ guest set, in particular, left the crowd with their collective jaws on the ground. The competition itself was impressive as always, and it was nice to see both new and old ...

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Fresh Pressed: Myke Charles, Trev Rich, Blu, DJ Low Key, Ill Se7en and more


It’s Friday and we got some brand new stuff for you. A couple videos, a much anticipated mixtape, a single and a skate video, all worth a play or two. Myke Charles feat. Trev Rich – “Overdose” This video manages to be a perfect rap video while still including actual content and style. The narrative is as clean as the lines of the shots by Diego Ramos and the pair play off each other with authentic timing solidifying their need to work together often. Blu – Soul Amazing (mixed by DJ Low Key) This shit right here. The final mixtape in his series, Blu got DJ Low Key on the mix and it’s Soul Amazing. You can read all about it on OK Player, The Source and more, or you could just drop everything and listen to this right now. Ill Se7en – “Do the Right Thing” Speaking of style, Ill Se7en oozes it on his first single off his ...

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The 2014 Solution Beat Battle Recap

Beauty Bar | Credit, Armando Geneyro

There are some events that remind us why hip-hop is so beautiful, and it’s not at all shocking that the latest said event was The 2014 Solution Beat Battle. Producers are generally some humble and nice m’fuckers, bottom line, and a room full of them and their supporters made for a happy, buoyant occasion. Though the friendly atmosphere was omnipresent, that’s not what made the event worthwhile. It was the level of talent that blew us away. The 12 beatmakers were diverse in style and execution, each obviously hungry for the win, and every single one of them had a chance. If you missed it, allow me to explain the tragedy of doing so. Seeing producers, who generally stay behind the scenes, dance energetically and sometimes awkwardly to their own music is something that can never be recreated with words. They break their necks and punch their fists at various intervals, punctuating the drops, samples, and drums that they know like the back ...

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#TheSolution7: A Month-long Celebration


February marks an important time for Colorado hip hop, the Meadowlark, and DJs Low Key and Lazy Eyez, it’s the seventh anniversary of The Solution. Over the last seven years The Solution has changed venues, switched up DJs and has gained traction as the favorite Friday night dance party. Throughout the month of February, starting tonight, there will be seven events to commemorate the occasion. Let’s go through them, shall we? 1 The Solution’s 7 Year Anniversary Party DJ Low Key, Lazy Eyez & Sounds Supreme, art by Karma Leigh & Michael Coriano and more. Friday, February 7 | The Meadowlark (2701 Larimer St.) | 9 p.m. – 2 a.m. Free until 11 | $5 after | 21+ The first event marks the actual anniversary of The Solution and this party will boast music provided by DJ Low Key and DJ Lazy Eyez and a very special guest DJ, Sounds Supreme, which is only appropriate as he and DJ Low Key ...

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An Insane Weekend of Hip-Hop

Art & Photo by Gamma Gallery

This weekend (and before and after) Colorado has an insane amount of live hip-hop going on.  With one, two and sometimes three shows per night there are options, many options to get out and about. So, should you brave the impending cold here are some of the things you could, and should be doing. THURSDAY Snowdown 2014 (Juicy J and more) It’s SIA week, or Snowsports Industries America convention for the noobs. And each year there is an epic winter party to commemorate the week called Snowdown. This year the event is presented by The Collective 360 & Frosted Leaf at the Fillmore. In an interesting match up of styles you can witness, Juicy J, RL Grime, SALVA , Bass Physics, hosted by Jack Da Ripper. Check www.SNOWDOWNsia.com for more info or tickets or check the FB invite. Free4All Volume 4 (Ghostface, ASAP Ferg, Crizzley and more) Each year for the last four, Ink Monstr has been giving Denver an amazing opportunity to see live music, rub shoulders with awesome people and have ...

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Fresh Pressed: Broken, 2MX2, DJ Matt Cassidy, DJ Low Key, A.V.I.U.S., AG Flux and Hustle Man


Rarely does a week pass in Colorado where you can’t hear brand new music, and this week is no different. This Friday the 13th we have a few new tracks and videos to hold you over until next week. Enjoy. Hustle Man – “Let Us Pray” This video is Collective Culture’s first release as a well… collective. For those who aren’t familiar, Collective Culture is a new production company. The team behind it is attempting to bring together music, fashion, art and business in Colorado, with a goal to take it national. Here’s Hustle Man doing what he does best. Broken – “Off The Hook” Here is a new beat that will featured on Broken’s instrumental album due out in 2014. 2MX2 featuring Dizzy Wright & Garey Kennebrew – “Colorado Clouds” Obligatory weed smoking track just in time for the new year,,  This one off 2MX2’s recently dropped GMO features Dizzy Wright and Garey Kennebrew. DJ Matt Cassidy & DJ Low ...

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Weekend Planning: Art shows, Birthdays and Hip-Hop


If we can just make it through the week, this weekend is looking to be a good one. Of course, I’m a little biased, because this is my birthday weekend. Coincidentally, there are some really great events that will be going down that I wanted to highlight.  As always, check out the HHRC calendar to pre-plan your weekend. Friday Chubby Robot has become synonymous with the innovative and awesome events he throws. Much like his 8bit Video Game show, his latest show, Gutter Kids, inspired by the Garbage Pail Kids is yet again setting the bar for creative and fun events. Opt Won, the curator knows his events speak for themselves. “Anything I do with Chubby Robot, I try to make sure it is so unique no one will ever be able to duplicate it.” This event, which goes down Friday, August 2nd at Buffalo Exchange (51 Broadway) from 6-11 p.m. features many artists interpretations of themselves as a “Gutter ...

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Party and Bullshit; Denver’s Latest and Greatest Recurring Music Nights


For music fans, finding the right local events can be tough. Weeding through the wackness is exhausting enough for even the most dedicated heads. Luckily for you, we went and did some of the leg work for you (I drink whiskey neat if you feel compelled to thank me next time you see me out). These are some of our favorite recurring events in Denver, broken down by theme…check ’em out!   Hip-Hop – The Solution Every Friday night at the Meadowlark, The Solution lives up to its tagline, “The best in hip-hop and a whole lot more.” DJ Low Key and Lazy Eyez have crafted an event that lives comfortably inside the realm of quality hip-hop, and still manages to always incorporate artists and records that are mere relatives of the genre. The flawless blend of music packs the dance floor with the eclectic mix of attendees, the DJs are consistently the cream of the damn crop, and every ...

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