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Spencer Foreman


When and how did you get your start DJing? I got my first set up in 1997. I was a sophomore in High School and I saved up from my job at a BBQ restaurant to order the equipment from a mail order service in NYC. How’d you pick your name? My parents did. I used to battle rap and write graffiti under multiple aliases and it got to be too much so I just went back to my given name. What was your first set-up? A DJ-in-a-box kit Numark put out. It was called the “Blue Dog” because it was blue and it blew….. dogs. What’s your current set-up? Rane TTM57SL, Technic 1200s, Shure M44-7’s and an Akai MPD 24 Best digging find? The Overton Berry Ensemble T.O.B.E. LP Who are your influences as a DJ? I try to take influence from as much as I can. Growing up in Colorado and hanging around Basementalism radio definitely shaped my ...

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Deejay Desire


When and how did you get your start DJing? 2002 How’d you pick your name? My best friend D J-licious came up with my DJ name What was your first set-up? 1200’s, Vestax-PMC 06 Pro mixer and Technics RP-DH-1200 headphones. What’s your current set-up? Macbook Pro, Serato DJ, Vestax VCI MK II -300, Pioneers 1000 MK3, Rane TTM 56 mixer, Ableton Live 9 for production. Best digging find? There are too many. Who are your influences as a DJ? I’m influenced my music genres & producers that create(d) : Soul (classic HipHop), Latin, Reggae, basically anything soulful. Classic must have record Best of Marvin Gaye, Best of Curtis Mayfield, Best of Bob Marley… Current must have record? “I luh ya papi” by JLO……. uhmmmm………JUST KIDDING!!!! Vinyl or Serato? Serato Requests or no requests? Rather no requests Worst request you’ve ever gotten? Can I check your laptop real quick to see what type of music you have (while Im playing)!!! Best ...

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DJ Matt Cassidy

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When and how did you get your start DJing? It started in 1999 in the back of a pool hall that had some turntables. I was consumed on a sick level with becoming something like my heroes that I had been hearing on records for so many years. The goal in mind was simple, be as great as I can be at this and never quit. How’d you pick your name? In 2001 I was a Pro Audio Tech at Mars Music and the guys that I worked with started calling me DJ Cassidy. I eventually had to add Matt because another DJ Cassidy out of New York was causing confusion in trying to promote myself. What was your first set-up? A pair of Gemini belt driven turntables with a Gemini 2 channel mixer that was super wack. I was also using a primitive CDJ style CD player, a dual tape deck & a Sony mini disc player/recorder which I ...

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DJ Prominent


When and how did you get your start DJing? It goes back as far as I can remember, early childhood. My Father, Felix Sr. aka OT was a very skilled Drummer who studied music. My father set the stage, hearing him play along with records like Kool and the Gang, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea. I began to study salsa, jazz and funk records, which lent a hand in understanding the “Breaks”. These breaks, I later learned were, the loops which formed many of the hiphop songs I grew up listening to. Thanks to a hiphopper uncle who came to stay with my family, I learned about the hiphop culture which later led to my interest and in production. In the end it was spinning the records back to capture samples while producing that actually led me to DJing. That back spinning gave me a really cool understanding of how to manipulate sound and timing. Crazy,…then I bought a mixer, ...

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DJ Nubran

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When and how did you get your start DJing? So I’ve actually been Djing now for a lil over 2 years since November of 2011, I’ve been around it for a long time since my high school days but never took the steps I needed to get started. It’s crazy how I got started though, I remember walking into this bar started talking with DJ Bobby S and told him that I could do it and he put me to the test, lol! How’d you pick your name? DJ Nubran, so I was sitting on the bed and was like man I’m brand new to this where do I even start. Brand New naw that doesn’t have that catch to it switched it around changed up the spelling, I’m a Nu Bran kind of DJ. What was your first set-up? My first set up was believe it or not a Vestex VCI 300 controller. I started backwards, I know I ...

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DJ Mu$a


When and how did you get your start DJing? I always loved music but one day I went over a friends house to play basketball and he had tech 1200s set up in his living room. Touched them shit and never looked back. Begged my Dad and I had a bunch of used shit in about a week. I was 13. How’d you pick your name? Musa is my real name. What was your first set-up? Radio shack DJ mixer and pair of belt driven turntables. I thought I was doing it big! What’s your current set-up? Still using tech 1200 and a Rane 62. Best digging find? The entire James brown and Parliament Funkadelic discography sitting in a shed at my Great Grandmothers’s house. Who are your influences as a DJ? Chris Karns, Preemo, Pete Rock, Jazzy Jeff, and Giles Peterson Classic must have record? Midnight Marauders Current must have record? My shit. How To Survive When You’re Dead. ...

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DJ Notch


When and how did you get your start DJing? I started in 1997. I discovered my love for music thru Hip-Hop (underground Hip-Hop that is). How’d you pick your name? My Uncle has called me Notch since I was a new born. I worked with that same uncle when I was 19 and, he kept on calling me “Notch.” It stuck with me. What was your first set-up? 2 Gemini Turntables and a Gemini mixer. What’s your current set-up? 2 Technics 1210s and a Rane 56s. Best digging find? Richard Pryor stand up for sure! Who are your influences as a DJ? I am inspired by the flavor/substance in music. I can name a 100 names, but I will say KGNU on “ECLIPSE” in the 90s with DJ Chonz and Chris Nathan. I used to record all of the shows and rock them cassettes every week. That’s where it all started. Classic must have record? Midnight Marauders Current must have ...

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DJ Bobby S


When and how did you get started DJ’ing? My Mom showed me such a love for music she listened to everything and sang it all too so I am sure that my affinity for music came really early I truly had an Old Soul. My 1st ever paid DJ gig was August 11th 1984 for a local drum and bugle team. How’d you pick your name? My original DJ name was and I still carry it occasion is DJ B-Side it was given by some friends the thing about the 12″ was the B-Sides were always the best side of the record. I use Bobby S for the obvious reasons. What was your 1st set up? Haha….1st set up was a cassette deck a tandy (radio shack) mixer and a gold Sherwood turntable. What is your current set up? Currently I use the Vestax VCI-300 with Serato DJ. I still have My 1200s and I also have the Denon DNS-5000 ...

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Mikey Fresh

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When and how did you get your start DJing?  Well I had my first DJ setup (that old-school numark starter DJ kit, circa 2000 haha) when I was like 12 or some shit…But that shit just collected mad dust. I really started picking it back up again in like ’06 when my dude MIke sold me his rig for hella cheap with a TON of classic Nas, Wu, MObb Deep, GangStarr (east coast) type of singles. At that point is when I really feel I genuinely started to DJ and been at it ever since then! How’d you pick your name?  Man the first musician name I ever had was DJ SKreal…haha….but I always thought that shit was hella corny so I was always kind of searching for a new cool name that I really liked. Anyway people always used to say my shit was a breath of fresh air when I would play them stuff, or I just kept ...

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Sprinkle Wizards (Deftron & El Brian)


When and how did you get your start DJing? Pre and after rave parties in our Mom’s basement for our cats. How’d you pick your name? We combined our two favorite words. What was your first set-up? 3 of the Gold Technics they only give out to DMC winners. What’s your current set-up? Two theramins and some wind chimes. Best digging find? Our dog dug up our pet hamster 2 years after we buried him one time. Who are your influences as a DJ? Dj Qualls from “The New Guy” Dj Tanner from “Full House” Classic must have record? “Do The Bartman” 12″ single. Current must have record? The 2014 reissue of the “Do The Bartman” 12″ single Vinyl or Serato? Never heard of him. Requests or no requests? Hey it’s so & so’s birthday, do you think you can stop the music & get on the mic to wish them happy birthday, then play Journey for the rest of ...

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