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In The Loop: An Interview With Exile


In anticipation of his Saturday 8/30 show with Dirty Science and more, we chopped it up with Exile about all things production. He keeps us in the loop about the creative process, equipment loyalty, and who to watch out for next…because if there’s one man’s word to trust about rappers set to blow, it’s Exile’s.   The collab albums you’ve done have been huge successes (Aloe Blacc, Blu, Fashawn, etc.). Have you used a different approach with each artist or do you have a pretty reliable formula for working with emcees at this point? I just go with the flow if what feels right. Each artist is different, each artist reacts differently to criticism. I just like to go in the studio and keep it fun. How much input do you have when it comes to the songwriting on those albums? Depends on the artist but I usually have a lot of input, sometimes I even help write lyrics when an ...

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The Precipice; FL talks Red Bull, Young Amsterdam, and more


The momentous energy that surrounds F. Lawless these days is palpable. He’s aligned himself with the upcoming summer season, snaking through block after city block with an onslaught of heat. He spoke with us about his recent membership in the Red Bull Sounds Select family (along with the equally unstoppable ReMINDers duo), his strategy behind his newly released project, and what else he has planned – spoiler, it’s more, and it’s sooner, than you’d expect.   So, congratulations are in order! You are officially a Red Bull Sound Select artist. What’s the story behind how that happened for you? Thank you!  So basically DJ Low Key has had a great relationship with Red Bull for the last few years.  They recently approached him to be a Local Denver curator for their Red Bull Sound Select Program.  Low Key has been a strong supporter of both foodchain, and my recent solo efforts, LIMBO and Young Amsterdam.  Beyond that Low Key is a super knowledgeable, dedicated DJ ...

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Mikey Fresh Talks Soul City Studios


Soul City Studios has been impossible to ignore lately. They’re headlining their own shows, occupying a supporting spot on national tours’ Denver stops, releasing singles, prepping for full projects, and generally becoming official in a way that is integral to any crew’s success. Mikey Fresh, the label’s CEO, producer, DJ, and backbone, sat down with us to talk about Soul City. Though humble to a fault, he’s undeniably proud of his brand and his crew. He spoke on the “fantasy team” he’s assembled, their sound, their collabs, and their future. Soul City has been kickin’ around for a minute, but you’ve made it official now with the Soul City Studios brand. What compelled you to take that next step? To make it official was more a business decision. We needed to make it an LLC and put it on the books. We wanted to be more professional about it and really brand it instead of just, “oh it’s all of ...

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Cheat Sheet: How to Get Press


One of the important facets of being a musician is garnering attention, and a huge part of this is press or media coverage. There is no formula to ensure that you will get press, even the most seasoned PR people know this, but we’re furnishing you with some helpful knowledge to make the process a little easier…on all of us. Before we delve into how to and not to behave, let’s start with organization and planning. Make a List The first thing you must do is construct a press list. This will be ever evolving, but if you organize it now, you won’t have to scramble each time you have a new track dropping or a press release to deliver. First, find all the relevant media sources that you can. Once you find the publication, find the contact information. Most media contact info can be found on the publication’s website. Put together a spreadsheet with the publications name, the contact ...

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‘How High 2’ Finally Has Its Green Light


It’s finally happening. The much anticipated sequel, “How High 2,” is filming as we speak, and in what better locale than our very own weed friendly home state, Colorado. In a recent interview with Redman and Method Man about their upcoming Denver 4/20 shows, we found out that Universal has given the green light to the project. The script was penned by “How High” writer Dustin Lee Abraham and will feature the recently graduated Silas and Jamal in the process of opening their new cannabis shop in affluent Boulder, Colorado under the new legalization laws. With Silas’ botany expertise and Jamal’s people skills their retail shop is an inevitable success…or is it? As expected the duo encounter many unintended adversaries, meet some hilarious new friends, including Sarita Sativa who teaches the pair how to deal with the stresses of entrepreneurship, continue some old friendships like that with I Need $ (Al Shearer), all while learning unforeseen lessons about life in ...

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Hip-Hop’s Backbone: Meet More Colorado DJs


Our first DJ feature was about this time last year just after the DMC Regional Battle. The super ambitious article included interviews from 21 of Colorado’s favorite DJs. Because the 2014 DMC Regional Battle is just around the corner we decided that we should catch up with a few of the DJs that we missed last round. Spend a few minutes reading the informative, sometimes funny, always awesome responses from a few of the area deckmasters.  

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The Homogenization of Denver Style


Denver has been a hipster city, for years, and honestly we can’t hate it entirely, it’s brought the area much growth and new opportunity as well as some really cool new businesses. Amongst handlebar mustaches, beanies, PBR, flannel and the other ironic ideals, there is much to celebrate about the sometimes annoying and overused stereotype. Shit, I find that many things “hipsters” like, I like too. That said, now everywhere I look I see the same recycled logos, watermarks and other branding materials. These repetitive techniques are getting old, and really are a disservice to your brand, because how could you possibly stand apart from the countless others? Here are a few of the top offenders. Uber Simple Circle Logo I get it, these logos come off as minimal and clean, but if your logo looks like it was made in a generator – hipster or otherwise – it’s probably time for an upgrade. See if you can create your ...

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Cheat Sheet: Building Your Press Kits


If you take yourself seriously as an artist and want others to give your craft that same respect then you damn well better put together a press kit, and a legit one at that. There are two kinds of press kits, the standard or hard copy and the EPK aka Electronic Press Kit. Now, the EPK is the one you will use the most, but you still need a standard kit because some media outlets, A&Rs, labels and some bookers want to see that you give a shit. (note: don’t ever send HHRC a physical press kit, please.) We’ll start with EPK, because I’m writing this and it’s my decision. Electronic Press Kit There are a few items that are absolutely essential to include: Bio: Some industry people insist that these be professionally written, but I think as long as it’s interesting, free of grammar errors and typos then either way is straight. Keep this short, yet still including the ...

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Spencer Foreman


When and how did you get your start DJing? I got my first set up in 1997. I was a sophomore in High School and I saved up from my job at a BBQ restaurant to order the equipment from a mail order service in NYC. How’d you pick your name? My parents did. I used to battle rap and write graffiti under multiple aliases and it got to be too much so I just went back to my given name. What was your first set-up? A DJ-in-a-box kit Numark put out. It was called the “Blue Dog” because it was blue and it blew….. dogs. What’s your current set-up? Rane TTM57SL, Technic 1200s, Shure M44-7’s and an Akai MPD 24 Best digging find? The Overton Berry Ensemble T.O.B.E. LP Who are your influences as a DJ? I try to take influence from as much as I can. Growing up in Colorado and hanging around Basementalism radio definitely shaped my ...

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Deejay Desire


When and how did you get your start DJing? 2002 How’d you pick your name? My best friend D J-licious came up with my DJ name What was your first set-up? 1200’s, Vestax-PMC 06 Pro mixer and Technics RP-DH-1200 headphones. What’s your current set-up? Macbook Pro, Serato DJ, Vestax VCI MK II -300, Pioneers 1000 MK3, Rane TTM 56 mixer, Ableton Live 9 for production. Best digging find? There are too many. Who are your influences as a DJ? I’m influenced my music genres & producers that create(d) : Soul (classic HipHop), Latin, Reggae, basically anything soulful. Classic must have record Best of Marvin Gaye, Best of Curtis Mayfield, Best of Bob Marley… Current must have record? “I luh ya papi” by JLO……. uhmmmm………JUST KIDDING!!!! Vinyl or Serato? Serato Requests or no requests? Rather no requests Worst request you’ve ever gotten? Can I check your laptop real quick to see what type of music you have (while Im playing)!!! Best ...

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