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Sadat X, El Da Sensei, Qwel & Maker, and more at Cervantes’ Other Side

Cervantes' Other Side | 2.3.14 | Credit, Armando Geneyro

I mean, who wants to go to a show on a Monday night ever, much less the Monday night after the Broncos succumbed to one of the nastiest losses of their season, Superbowl XLVIII. Well, in this case, the Monday night show turned out to be just the kind of medicine that everyone in attendance desperately needed. The line-up was largely Colorado names, mixed with dash of old and new school national. The sound at Cervantes’ Other Side has become a favorite in town, which, when combined with the green leniency, new patio, and removal of the fucking death stair by the bar, boosts this venue to the top of the list of best places to catch a hip-hop show in Denver. The crowd was thin, as expected, at the Other Side, but the show started with a clean set by ODX. These three well-versed emcees (Lukeskyy, Ceejay Franchize and Leezy) were backed by the increasingly skilled Mikey Fresh on ...

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Video: 2MX2 ft. MC Big House & Kontrast – “Let It Grow”

Credit, Gary Kennebrew

The visual accompaniment of a music video is so vital to hip-hop, even more so in today’s technological world. These pictures or moving images do the job of either complementing or creating a feeling that the song may or may not create on its own. That’s why videos matter, and why good videos can create new fans. Vince Lance, since his departure from both Colorado and his duo Emergency Room has remained hard at work. His latest video is chock full of the developed story-lines, dark angles and expert filming that he has become known for. In this case, the collaboration with Kontrast and MC Big House on this nasty track, “Let It Grow”  aligns with 2MX2’s thoughtful yet sometimes uncomfortable ideals, all over a familiarly bass-heavy DMD beat. Now, as an awesomely adorable and humorous accompaniment to the video, check out the commercial for Antiliv. Shouts to DJ Rsquared on this one. Featured photo by Gary Kennebrew who also assisted ...

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GIVEAWAY: Triple Album Release Party and ¡MAYDAY! at Casselman’s Dec. 7th


This Saturday, December 7th is a night of many releases and will be a must see event for Colorado hip-hop heads. Here’s what you can expect to see at Casselman’s. Video drop: 2MX2’s “G.M.O. (Genetically Modified Oppression)” directed by Vince Lance (formerly of Emergency Room). 3 Album releases: 2MX2 – G.M.O. (Genetically Modified Oppression), Infinite Mindz – So Far I Hope You Like Rap Songs and Smoke G – Living Dreams. Fashion Show: Infatue Live performances by: DJ Cavem Kontrast,  Fo Chief & MC Big House Infinite Mindz (Reunion Show) 2MX2 Tech N9ne’s rock, hip-hop band ¡MAYDAY! To win 2 free tickets simply share via Facebook: OR Twitter: AND Comment below with who you’re excited to see.  We’ll select a winner randomly of those that follow these two steps and announce on Friday.

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Weekend Planning: Art shows, Birthdays and Hip-Hop


If we can just make it through the week, this weekend is looking to be a good one. Of course, I’m a little biased, because this is my birthday weekend. Coincidentally, there are some really great events that will be going down that I wanted to highlight.  As always, check out the HHRC calendar to pre-plan your weekend. Friday Chubby Robot has become synonymous with the innovative and awesome events he throws. Much like his 8bit Video Game show, his latest show, Gutter Kids, inspired by the Garbage Pail Kids is yet again setting the bar for creative and fun events. Opt Won, the curator knows his events speak for themselves. “Anything I do with Chubby Robot, I try to make sure it is so unique no one will ever be able to duplicate it.” This event, which goes down Friday, August 2nd at Buffalo Exchange (51 Broadway) from 6-11 p.m. features many artists interpretations of themselves as a “Gutter ...

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Dope Boy Chronicles #3: MC Big House


Culture creators, Welcome to the D.O.P.E. Game have decided to try their hand at interviewing in the Dope Boy Chronicles. Jeremy Pape wants to “remind people that there is greatness EVERYWHERE we look.” The third episode features MC Big House and delves a little into the life and mind of this substantial and calculated MC.

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Big House – Da House of Gyp


The long awaited collaboration between Gyp da Hip and Big House is finally here. Da House of Gyp is like a meal fit for a mansion full of people. There are so many courses, flavors, and helpings, I’d advise listening to this joint on an empty stomach because you will no doubt, be fed. A hefty 22 tracks long, there are skits and interludes and so many rhymes packed into this joint it’s like hip-hop Thanksgiving. House’s voice is heavy and perfectly paired with the customized beats from Gyp. Using a full and textured approach House pretty much raps his face off for the entire joint. “At All Cost,” the MC details how he’s coming for heads in the rap game. It’s convincing, but there are more poignant moments in the album. Particularly from a production perspective “Da Spot Light,” is short, sweet and boasts of a nasty bassline. Gyp is at his best over twinkling keys, ethereal horns and ...

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Fo Chief – Out the Deep End

fo chief crop

If you’re looking to listen to something that sounds like no album ever made before, then we have the LP for you. Out the Deep End is Fo Chief’s (of Fresh Breath Committee) collaboration with Rhode Island producer, Majestic Beats and also his first solo project.  From slow introspective tracks to warp speed, bass heavy bangers, Majestic Beats’ style is all over the place. Luckily, Fo Chief has no problem staying on beat regardless of the beat makers’ inherent unpredictability.  Fo Chief has a unique voice and an on point internal metronome, making every verse he graces fun to listen to. The composition of Out the Deep End is as chaotic as the beat selection, with no obvious story-line or flow from track to track.  The album would sound the same if played as is or put on shuffle.  Fortunately, some of the songs are so solid that the transitions make no difference. The first track, “Word Vomit,” has one of the ...

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Myke Charles on “The Sing Off,” Flight Plan and Rolling Solo


December 20th at the Bluebird saw performances from J. Carey, Myke Charles and Spoke In Wordz, a DJ set from super producer 9th Wonder, and a headlining act from The Foodchain. Myke had a sparse crowd to contend with as the place didn’t really pack in until later on, but you wouldn’t know it watching him perform with Spoke in Wordz. Each displayed their trademark high energy, magnetism, and showmanship throughout the set. We caught up with Myke afterwards to talk about his stellar year following the national success Urban Method saw on “The Sing Off.”  He was happy to talk about where he’s been – even more so to talk about where he’s going. HipHopRollCall.com (Rachel Chesbrough): During one of your first televised interviews for “The Sing Off” you explained that there wasn’t really any emcee from your city that had blown up on a national scale, and that you wanted to be that dude. Do you feel like you ...

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Fresh Pressed: Leonard Jackson, 2MX2, SP Double, Ibe Hustles and more


It’s rare for a week to slip by without at least a few new Colorado hip-hop drops, and this week was no exception.  Though we’ve been seeing a lot of the same names lately, it’d be nice to see a little more variety (hint: get to work!) Tell us what you think of what you see and hear here weekly. This documentary by Colorado aspiring filmmaker Leonard Jackson (also known as as Lenny-Lenn) talks with several producers, Qknox, Dealz Makes Beats, Selko and our very own 800 The Jewell about the process and importance of using a home studio.  This is definitely worth taking the time to watch.  All of these cats know what they’re talking about and we get a glimpse into their own, as Qknox calls it, “sacred spaces.” 2MX2 just dropped another visual gem for “Si, Se Puede” off their last album Case Study:2012.  Yet again Vince Lance flexes his artistic vision in this Western-style narrative.  According to Role ...

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Fresh Pressed: November 15, 2012


This was a good week for new music here in our great state, check out a few of our picks below.  Not enough for you?  Check out who Westword showcased this week. King Foe always pushes the envelope, but in “Goth Swag” he takes it to a whole other level.  His swift flow complemented by Yonnas’ gritty hook may be the darkest and realest we’ve heard from them in a minute. The video, directed by Ryan McNurney for Electra Productions is a ghastly and beautiful depiction of the bleak track.  This one will haunt listeners for a minute. In this incomplete almost-reunion of the original Fresh Breath Committee, Fo Chief, Paul Junior & Myke Charles all go hard.  The beat is equally vibrant and gets us salivating for what new project they must have on deck. Hooks & Status of Cadava Recordz released their collaborative album, HxS – Death is the New Black on Halloween, but they just now are leaking ...

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