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Colorado Crush: Captured in Photos


Colorado Crush was a huge event.  The artists did some amazing things with their cans, the musicians attacked their mics and overall it was a fun and important day for Colorado hip-hop/art. We have the photos you’ve been waiting for all shot from three different perspectives by three different photographers. From the art, to the music to the visit from the mayor, it’s all captured below. This gallery was shot by the official Colorado Crush photographer, The Anarchivist. His straightforward approach of graff photography lets the art be the art. This gallery was shot by HHRC photographer, Tim McClanahan, his photos, as usual, are art in and of themselves.   This gallery was shot throughout the day by  Sean Marquette.  He captured everything and the energy of the event, in varying stages

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Colorado Crush: The Writers


The writer line-up for Colorado Crush ’13 is huge, literally and figuratively. With more writers from all over showing interest each day, it’s gonna be an amazingly talented turn out. Here’s the official line-up and some art work from a few of them.   Be sure to check out the graffiti battle finalists who will be competing for a spot on a wall in next year’s Crush as well as our interview with graff shooter, The Anarchvist.  

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Front Line Shooter: The Anarchivist


You know what takes as much time, and sometimes even more work than being a prolific graffiti writer here in Denver? Photographing all the work of the many writers that get up daily. The Anarchivist takes on this challenge, daily, and captures as much of the art around town as he can. He’s the kind of photographer that knows his subjects and his audience, and rather than adding artistic touches that may other photogs are known to do, he instead preserves the art as it is, and how it’s supposed to be seen. Recently The Anarchivist got his taste of the artist’s life when one of his photos of a piece by THiNK426 was used on an Epic Beer label. His contributions to the graffiti community speak volumes, even if he doesn’t get immediate recognition. Rather than further theorizing about this man behind the lens, we put him on the spot to learn a little more about The Anarchivist. How ...

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Graffiti Battle Finalists


This year there were many new additions to Colorado Crush, but the most interactive was the graffiti battle. The six finalists were selected from three preliminary battles, two each round, one by a judge and one by popular vote via HHRC. The voting didn’t end up being the fairest method, which was learned through experience, so the two finalists from the third battle were selected by the judges.  The highly anticipated finals will take place on September 7, 2013 at the Colorado Crush main event. The prize? A paint package from Pressure Haus and a highly coveted spot in next year’s Colorado Crush (major wall). Here are the six finalists: We got up with four of the final six: tinz, Kans89, SIMR and Vesel to find out a little about their styles, tastes and interests. Crew: tinz: Guerilla Garden Kans89: Killdren/FA SIMR: FA, KILLDREN. Vesel: LOF – Lordz of finesse all four elements krew. Born to Rock. When did you start painting/writing? tinz: I started ...

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Colorado Crush MC Battle


We’re excited to announce that Denver’s biggest graffiti event, Colorado Crush (Sept. 7)  will host the Elite Philosophy MC Battle where the winner will take home $250 cash. The battle scene is thriving here in Colorado, so the talent will be thick. Come out and show the crowd what lyrical weapons you have in your arsenal on the EP Stage. To pre-register for the battle, join this group on Facebook. If you don’t have Facebook (really?) then you can email submissions@hiphoprollcall.com with your name (rap and government) and we’ll follow up with you. Good luck, we can’t wait to see what you’ve got.

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Nspire’s unique brand of art is one that will no doubt catch someone’s eye. His use of characters, layers and textures is on a completely different level than most writers. His recognizable style is playful, fun and a pleasure to appreciate. Learn a little about the man behind the can. Crew: Am, Tetrahedron, Pyramidgang How many years painting/writing: Since 1993 When and how did you get started in art and graffiti specifically? My Grandma would always draw with me when I was little and I have always been into art in school. I got into graffiti when I started skateboarding because at that time skating and graffiti went hand and hand. Every skater downtown would write too so I had to think of my own name. What purpose or need does art fill for you? Art is the food for the soul. Creativity is king Illegal or legal, does it make a difference? It does make a difference. Graffiti is illegal. There ...

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[CLOSED] Colorado Crush Graff Battle 13.3 Official Voting


UPDATE: 3:16pm July 25, 2013: We discovered a major issue with our voting system that allowed multiple votes from the same IP Address, which skewed the voting heavily. We decided to put the decision back on the Colorado Crush’s team and they decided to let the judges select the second winner in this case. The judges selected,  VESEL. Congratulations to both Tinz and Vesel who will win a paint package from Pressure Haus and will go on to compete in the final battle at this year’s Colorado Crush. (We have since resolved our systems cache error to ensure this problem will not occur during future voting.) UPDATE 12:00am July 24, 2013: Due to complaints and suspicious browser/user activity the results are under scrutiny. Check back for more information. In the final battle before the showdown at this year’s Colorado Crush on September 7, 2013 nine writers got down at Dynamic Events of Denver. The judges selected Tinz as their pick ...

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Epic Brewing Company celebrates graffiti with newest brew


Fresh off the line, just today, Epic Brewing Company unveils their newest brew, RiNo Pale Ale. What’s most interesting about this new beer from the Utah based brewery is the label which was modeled after a mural by THiNK426, a Denver graffiti artist and tattooer. As another added bonus, The Anarchivist, HHRC contributing photographer shot the photo that is used on the label.  Check out the label and the meaning behind it below, and make sure to try the beer if you get the opportunity, because community support tastes so good! Here’s what Epic Brewing Company has to say about the brew: “The RiNo: gritty, artsy, industrial, transformational, friendly, unpretentious and home to our Colorado brewery. This mural, by graffiti and tattoo artist ‘THiNK426’ (http://illresist.com/), can be found within a block of the brewery. The digital image was photographed by ‘The Anarchivist’ (Gary Glasser) whose massive collection of digital works focuses on the ‘ever changing world of graffiti and mural art’ ...

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Eye Candy: Colorado Springs

06302013 CS 152

The Anarchivist went to the Springs, here’s what he found.

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Eye Candy: July 3, 2013

06302013 35

The Anarchivist made a trip to Pueblo over the weekend and brought back souvenirs.

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