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Fresh Pressed: Ichiban, InkLine, Mane Rok, Turner Jackson, Jiggy Thompson and more

fresh pressed

Phew, this week packs some heat. Hear for yourself. Ichiban, InkLine & Mane Rok  – “Mr. Hyde” produced by Shae Money Imagine four Geminis together in the same studio, probably feels like eight people, especially in this track, which is a play on the “other” personality.  “Mr. Hyde” is the first release of Geminii dropped on Mane Rok’s birthday (5/21), and they will hopefully continue this trend with a release on each of their birthdays, Ichiban (5/28), Shae Money (6/7) and InkLine (6/20). Turner Jackson featuring Lily Fangz – “Us Kids” produced by Broken TJ is the master of growth and reinvention, and this track showcases a fairly new sound for the emcee. Lily Fangz handles the almost ad-lib hook and Broken provides the heady beat. Jiggy Thompson featuring Rolphy and Typhy- “Can’t Hold Us Back” This beat is just plain fun, and you can tell the three emcees enjoyed rocking to it. Perfect Friday happy music. Don Blas – “Amen” The visuals ...

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Recap: 2014 DMC DENVER Regional DJ Battle

2014 Denver DMC Regional DJ Battle | Credit, Blake Jackson

The Denver DMC Regional DJ Battle went down Saturday, March 29th at Cassleman’s Bar and Venue, and the unpackable venue was surprisingly full as a variety of heads milled about trying to catch a glimpse of greatness. The Soul City Crew put on a vibrant performance in between the earlier and later rounds, with Panema Soweto and Ill Seven displaying airtight delivery and Luke Skyy giving the b-boys and girls a funky track to live for. There was a smattering of technical problems throughout the night, likely due to the new management at Cassleman’s, and we’d be lying if we said it went un-bitched about by performers and supporters alike. However, the skill in the building did more than enough to overshadow any of the venue’s shortcomings. Chris Karns’ guest set, in particular, left the crowd with their collective jaws on the ground. The competition itself was impressive as always, and it was nice to see both new and old ...

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Fresh Pressed: Big House ft Ace, Mane Rok and Xencs L. Wing, An Hobbes, aprilFRESH, and Moirai


…And it don’t stop. Summer might be winding down but Colorado hip-hop is intent on churning out greatness all year round. Check out what’s new in this edition of Fresh Pressed Friday. Big House ft Ace – “Snazzy” The track sounds like a proper hip-hop Sunday in the mile high, and the video (shot by Jeremy Pape) was built to match, teaming with the Welcome to the D.O.P.E. Game crew, naturally. Mane Rok and Xencs L. Wing – “Follow Me” While Lotus is a big name nationally, if they’re not on your radar (yet) it’s likely because they’re an electro-jamband. However their new project Monks, showcases their take on hip-hop. They employ the talents of legendary lyricists like Lyrics Born, Gift of Gab, Mr. Lif…and Mane Rok and Xencs L. Wing. Get a taste: An Hobbes – Diary of a Space Cadet 2 September 9th saw An Hobbes deliver his trademark nerd-hop with the release of his latest album, Diary of a Space Cadet ...

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Ibe Hustles – Armed, Legged & Dangerous


What encapsulates a quality hip-hop project? Solid production? Perfectly crafted beats? Profound lyrics? Well executed cuts? Crisp vocals? If you ask me, all of the above. Ibe Hustles has been in the game for a while and although he probably has a very profound understanding of a formulaic approach to a well received project, he ignored the math and deferred to his heart, which ended up fulfilling all of the requirements. Ibe Hustles isn’t just an emcee, he does it all, and really well. Handling a good chunk of the production on Armed, Legged and Dangerous, he is obviously well versed in the whole process. DJ Prominent also banged out a few beats and most of the quick cuts throughout the project. Armed, Legged & Dangerous starts slow. The beats are mellow through the first three tracks and Ibe Hustles’ cadence lacks variety save for the off-kilter reggae inspired hook on “Hu$tle$” The first real connection happens with “Victim of ...

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4th Annual 5280 Urban Music Awards


The 4th annual 5280 Urban Music Awards will be held this Sunday evening at City Hall Amphitheatre. Doors open at 7 p.m. and tickets are $20 and can be purchased here or via the mobile app “5280 Awards” in the iPhone app store or the Android market. The awards show took a hiatus last year after a successful consecutive run at Paramount Theater. The design of the event is to celebrate the diversity in Denver’s urban rap community. This year’s show will feature performances from Bianca Mikahn, Tommy Brown, Turner Jackson, Tuxx the GoBoi with Namm and more. The voting process closed on August 1st after a two month long nomination process which included input from various committee members from the community. (Note: Both Ru Black and Nicole Cormier from HHRC were on the committee). The 5280 Urban Music Awards is put on by Entertainment by 1600, a promotion and event production house which specializes in this particular event yearly. ...

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Lord of the Microphone: The Multi-faceted Emcee


HipHopRollCall has run through DJing, breaking, and graffiti in the Mile High, highlighting our collective talent in these original pillars of hip-hop. These elements have been called the “core four,” so it’s time to round this shit out with the fourth pillar: hip-hop’s front man, the emcee. This month we’re examining components of emceeing through the eyes of various rappers within the community. They step off the stage and out of the booth to explain their experience in different aspects of the game; what’s worked for them and what hasn’t, what they love and what they can’t stand, and what they’ve learned about the craft that they’re addicted to. (Jump to the individual categories) Master of Ceremonies Writing Freestyle Image Live Shows Battle Touring Recording Message Promotion This piece was written and researched by Ru Black, Rachel Chesbrough and Nicole Cormier. Master of Ceremonies Being an emcee, means a lot of things, but where the name, and concept came from ...

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Ichiban, InkLine and Mane Rok – The Gem In I


Three notorious and proud Geminis got together (virtually) and put together an EP that represents their (split) personalities and their diverse, individual styles, all while giving us a taste of two voices that Colorado hip-hop has been desperately missing. The Gem In I, is a 6 track EP by an “intelligently designed” match up of Ichiban, InkLine, and Mane Rok, also featuring Qwel & Kam Moye (Supastition). The way all the talent (even the features) come together on this project, from aligning verses, to the focus on duality, to the way the production gels it all, reinforces their astrological connection. The only non Gemini that touched this project was AG Flux (Black Mask), and his production on the entire album was pristine, further polishing the finished product. The Gem In I, which seems to have come together effortlessly, is an unexpected jewel to the listener, but not to Ichiban, InkLine and Mane Rok, they know exactly who they are and ...

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Kanye West – Yeezus


Preface: What we know about Kanye already He doesn’t write his own raps. Most “commercially successful” rappers don’t. (Please. Don’t attempt to argue this. There isn’t one.) People love to hate him. (That’s what usually happens when you command so much attention. And remember…there’s a microscopic line between.) He’s an ass (no argument can disprove this fact.) He’s always ‘went against the norm’ (we’ll discuss this more in depth.) He’s a Gemini…so let’s play with some duality. That said… “Yeezus” can be summed up in two lines from its track “New Slaves.” “Y’all ‘bout to turn shit up/I’m ‘bout to tear shit down.” Per this line, let’s start at the end of the preface and work our way backwards. What is the “norm?” When speaking of the “norm,” I’m speaking in regards to what is the most accessed music aka “commercial” music. The “dumbed down/common denominator” shit any “old head” and/or “purist” loves to hate. “That shit ain’t music” is ...

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Fresh Pressed: Ichiban, InkLine, Mane Rok, Fly4wird, and ILL Seven

Just two tracks and two words for you on this Fresh Pressed Friday: Heavy. Hitters.  Ichiban, Inkline, and Mane Rok – “Young Guns” First up we have an AG Flux-produced track off of the upcoming project “The Gem In I.” The single is “Young Guns,” and the roster for both the song and the album is fire: Ichiban, Inkline, and Mane Rok. Mane is coming off the heels of his highly acclaimed Stay Tuned EP, Ichiban always has the heads waiting with bated breath for his next project, and InkLine, we’re happy to say, is back the fuck at it. Check out how they vibe as a trio.     Fly4wird and ILL Seven – “Fire in the Dark” Lastly we have a new single from Fly4wird and ILL Seven, “Fire in the Dark.” We’ve seen so much action from these fellas on the business and event side of things lately, that we were glad to see some new music ...

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Stay Tuned: Murder He Wrote: A Love Story


Though Stay Tuned is a new name, if they sound familiar, it’s because they are. Mane Rok and Deejay Tense have previously rocked together alongside InkLine as the ManeLine crew, but currently Mane and Tense are serving it up as a duo. Murder He Wrote: A Love Story is their first project as Stay Tuned, and they came out swingin’ with the content-heavy 7 track conceptual album. The EP’s story focuses on a Colorado serial killer, orbited by a cast of characters including family, victims, law officials, and media. Stay Tuned addresses the all-too familiar issue of a murderous mind with sonic creativity, brutal honesty, and omniscient detail.  Rather than spouting tired rhetoric about life and death, they peel back that exterior to reveal the more gnarled reality. It’s a bloody odyssey of the hunger for love begetting a chain of hate…just in time for summer! The EP’s opener “Columbine Courtesy” sets the tone appropriately with production bolstered by an ...

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