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Fresh Pressed: A.V.I.U.S. – Next Best Me


This project from A.V.I.U.S., most widely known as the emcee of Prime Element (fka 3 The Hardway), dropped a few months back, and we enjoyed it as much as any of his solo projects. With beastly features from AG Flux, Fo Chief, Kid Astronaut, Paul Junior, Venus Cruz and Jay Class on only six tracks, the emcee hardly did it alone, but he definitely reinforced his relevance in the game, even after a noticeable hiatus. Of the EP, A.V.I.U.S. says, “This album was to show my growth not only as an artist, not only in the music aspect of writing and recording music, but in life.” We promise we weren’t sleeping on this one, but were you? Don’t worry, it’s not too late!

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Fresh Pressed: Kid Vegas, Under the Shade, U.T.I.C.A., DJ Bedz, Kontrast, Fo Chief and more

fresh pressed

This is a bit of a build up of the last few weeks, so we’ll call this edition September Fresh Pressed. From over the last month we have singles, mixtapes, EPs and videos, all Colorado hip-hop, all the time. Tell us what you’re feeling. Under The Shade – “We Want It All” Prime Element cohorts, Es Nine and A.V.I.U.S. have created a spin off group they’re calling Under The Shade. Though the pair live in California and Colorado respectively they have put together a chill and subdued single that embodies their individual styles as a producer and emcee. If this is a prelude to what’s to come, we’re excited they’re getting back to work. Kid Vegas featuring AP – “KING” Both Vegas and AP exude regality flaked with gold in this clean video. Most of the rap video essentials are present in “KING” including: women, jewels and swagger. Kontrast and Fo Chief with DJ Bedz – “Everyone Changes” The boys ...

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Fresh Pressed: AG Flux, A.V.I.U.S, Cannonball Soup, Sole, Planes! and more


What is so cool about the Colorado hip-hop community is that not a week passes without some new, extremely shareworthy music being released. I mean, that in itself speaks volumes of the scene, shit, that doesn’t happen on a national level. That said, here we are, Friday again with three new music videos, a single and a one-of-a-kind SXSW recap. AG Flux & A.V.I.U.S. feat. Sharelle- “Water Under the Bridge” The video for a single off of the pair’s EP, How Cliche, was shot and directed by Paul Junior. The visuals for this slick track include an attempt at a layered narrative, but unfortunately the concept went over our heads. Cannonball Soup (Kontrast & Fo Chief) – “Bars” The razor tongued, Fresh Breath Committee spin off, Cannonball Soup have something brewing as they’ve been dropping a bunch of gems recently. The latest, “Bars,” is as clever as it is quick, luckily they include the lyrics on their soundcloud page so you don’t ...

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Shredded Beats Night Three: Dilated Peoples, Hopsin, Dizzy Wright and more

Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom | Armando Geneyro

February 1st saw the third night of Shredded Beats mania, this time with Hopsin and Dilated Peoples, featuring Dizzy Wright with Rolphy, A Black Day, and Black Pegasus. It was unclear who of the two big names was supposed to headline, as the promotion insinuated it’d be Hopsin, but the streets and Cervantes’ box office expected Dilated. In the end the legendary trio took the stage first, and true fans suspected Evidence, at least, wasn’t thrilled about it (there were subtle clues in his performance, the validity of which can be argued). Rakaa was laid back and solid as Ev took command of the stage, as he does. Babu performed his customary scratch set about half way through the performance, the complexity of which seemed to go over the young crowd’s collective head. Dilated holds Prime Element down every time they come through town, and Saturday night saw A.V.I.U.S. and Es Nine take the stage with Rakaa once again. The sound didn’t ...

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Fresh Pressed: AG Flux, A.V.I.U.S., Qknox, Kid Hum, Wriky Knots, Dope City and More


Phew, another big week for Colorado hip-hop, but are you surprised? We’re not. Here are some of the tracks and videos that dropped this week, and as always, please let us know what you think. AG Flux (Black Mask) & A.V.I.U.S. (Prime Element) – “How Cliché” QKnox – Outstanding Outstanding by Qknox on Mixcloud Bianca Mikahn – Nightdreams & Daymares Kid Hum – Thanks & Giving Wriky Knots featuring Lil Keke, Trap Boi & West One – “Trap Life” Produced by Dat Dude Looney. Filmed and edited by 8ight tha sk8 of Clearview Films. Dope City (Obae & Raw B) – “I’m From The Streets” Produced by VANZ. Filmed by James Drake. Directed by James Drake & Ontoneyo Valenzuela. Manifest & Devour – “Around The World” Produced by Archhightek. Filmed and edited by RpL media. Tenner – “The Way She Smoke” Directed & Edited by Colorado Myrical (Absolute Films). Ca$h B featuring Trev Rich – “Get It Inn”

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Prime Element – Welcome To The Future


The much anticipated sophomore release from Prime Element is finally here, and it only took close to five years. I mean, we’ll give them a break, among name changes, label pick ups, touring, re-branding of Set In Stone, and a couple solo projects, it’s not like they’ve been slacking. But that said, Welcome To The Future is here, and it’s everything an ideal second project should be. They didn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel here, but what they do is such a pleasure to rock to each and every time. There’s obvious evolution in story line and writing ability, and – if possible – their style has further reverted to the golden era making for a familiar sound. Welcome To The Future rockets right out the gate with “The P.” The simple, ’90s era west coast style production nods to their first album, specifically using Guru’s line from “Mass Appeal,” and the easy  name reciter will inevitably translate to a ...

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Prime Element To Release Welcome To The Future At The Solution Nov. 1st


Prime Element has been standing just outside of the hypothetical limelight for a while (almost a year, since we’ve barely had the opportunity to cover them), but A.V.I.U.S., Es Nine and Cysko Rokwel have been holed up in the lab preparing a bunch of stuff for our listening pleasure. On Friday, November 1st you can hear exactly what they’ve been up to at The Meadowlark for The Solution and Welcome To The Future release/listening party. Welcome To The Future EP is the group’s highly anticipated second project, and it can be downloaded at primeelement.bandcamp.com come November 2, 2013. In the meantime, to get you hyped up for next Friday check out this promo video that includes snippets of some of the music you will hear. Spoiler alert: it’s fantastic! See you all November 1st. Oh! And the awesome album art was brought to you by Delton Demerest, who also did their Set In Stone cover (amongst many many other things).  

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Lord of the Microphone: The Multi-faceted Emcee


HipHopRollCall has run through DJing, breaking, and graffiti in the Mile High, highlighting our collective talent in these original pillars of hip-hop. These elements have been called the “core four,” so it’s time to round this shit out with the fourth pillar: hip-hop’s front man, the emcee. This month we’re examining components of emceeing through the eyes of various rappers within the community. They step off the stage and out of the booth to explain their experience in different aspects of the game; what’s worked for them and what hasn’t, what they love and what they can’t stand, and what they’ve learned about the craft that they’re addicted to. (Jump to the individual categories) Master of Ceremonies Writing Freestyle Image Live Shows Battle Touring Recording Message Promotion This piece was written and researched by Ru Black, Rachel Chesbrough and Nicole Cormier. Master of Ceremonies Being an emcee, means a lot of things, but where the name, and concept came from ...

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4/20 Weekend Recap

420 Rally

It’s not too often that Denver becomes the place to be in the country, but during the weekend of April 20th, it was exactly that. Every sub-genre of rap was on display for three days as artists and fans flocked to the city to celebrate the smoker’s holiday. Given the amount of big name talent, drugs, and music heads, we could’ve called it a festival…but then we got high. Friday night Dilated Peoples kicked things off at Cervantes, their first show in Denver since signing to Rhymesayers. Unlike most crews with their longevity, Dilated’s cool never seems to fade. Their sets don’t change drastically year after year, but you don’t really want them to anyway. Babu spun a killer solo set, Ev’s energy was “hella” Cali, and Rakaa has mastered the art of chill. Prime Element (minus Cysko Rokwel who was out of town at the  DMCs) was brought on stage to perform their “Truth” track with Rakaa, and CO showed ...

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Pike – “Whoa”


Pike, Denver MC/Producer just dropped this track last night at the Sweatshop Union/Prime Element show at Cervantes’ Other Side.  This track is “produced” by Col. Sanders. (see final note) What do you think?

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