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The 3hree Project


Today is the day, the one that many of us Colorado hip-hop heads have been waiting for. The official drop date of The 3hree Project. Find out more about the project and those involved over at www.thethreeproject.com or stream the whole project below.  

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Collective Culture – Culture Over Currency


We first mentioned Collective Culture last week, and today they dropped their big project, the one they have been hyping for weeks. Culture Over Currency vol. 1 is a cypher with seven Colorado emcees (in order of appearance) FL, Turner Jackson, Trev Rich, Mr. Midas, Hustle Man, AP, and Koo Qua. The goal that Collective Culture had by bringing all these emcees together, many who rep separate crews, was to “promote Denver talent the way that we see fit.” Though the cypher has been done many times, The Culture Over Currency video still feels fresh. The visuals look good, filmed in a sweet location (Ink Monstr office) by knowledgeable film peeps (Jeremy Pape, Derek Reinhardt and Fa’al Yamin Ali) which makes for a professional appearance. The tight shots of the emcee’s mouths add dimension and the varied camera angles, even more depth. The sound on the other hand wasn’t quite as great. The lofty ceiling, empty office, or both caused ...

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The Genesis: A Glance Back at HHRC’s First Year


So, it’s our anniversary, HipHopRollCall.com has been around for a full year as of a couple of days ago. Pretty cool, right? We went back and forth about how to handle this big issue and finally landed on expressing how we feel a year in. It’s been full of ups and downs, read on to see how we saw it. Nicole: Man, it’s been a long year, but a great one. HipHopRollCall.com started as a project, one that was years in the making. Years of writing about hip-hop because I didn’t know how else to give back to the culture that had given so much to me. Years of falling in love over and over with not just the culture at large, but Colorado hip-hop specifically. Years of frustration with the outlets that had given me an opportunity, yes, but also had quelled my creativity and vision. So in one day it was decided to give something new a try, ...

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The Rap-A-Thon Class of 2013


On August 30, 2013 history was made. Dozens of MCs congregated at The Savoy (2700 Arapahoe) to spit the longest non-stop cypher that Denver has ever seen (heard), and they did it. From 8 p.m. (sharp) to close to midnight, MCs rapped, periodically passing the mic to the next eager rhymer. From writtens to freestyles, we heard a lot of stories over the course of the night, but all of them legitimate, as novices and veterans alike each had their turn on the mic. The overall vibe of the evening matched the classy ambiance of The Savoy’s ballroom – beautiful. Like any yearbook session, many didn’t show up on picture day, but those that did offered their favorite line delivered that evening.   The emcee’s energy was palpable as they passed the mic around the cypher. Each emcee completely different from one another with the same passion and drive.           The party people were just as ...

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Lady Wu at Cervantes’ Other Side (5/24/13)


Lady Wu has as much flavor and style as their inspiration, Wu-Tang. Enjoy the photos from the show on 5/24/13 at Cervantes’ Other Side care of staff photographer, Tim McClanahan.  

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The Pit: May 16, 2013


I went to the pit for the first time last week (5/16/13), and besides being an all around good time, there were some real talent displayed on the mic! If you are a new or up-coming artist, or you like to know about what’s fresh in the scene, this is the event for you. I will definitely be attending as many of these as possible. Shouts to the Funky Buddha for the great staff and laid back venue. Props to Ru and Turner Jackson for making the event happen.  And super special love to Tim McClanahan for always being a problem solver and getting the job done. Excited to see who’s up next. Enjoy the photos care of our staff photographer, Tim McClanahan.

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The XY Factor: Misogyny in Hip-Hop (3-Part)


Because we are a hip-hop website dominated by strong female voices it’s funny that it took us so long to finally write something about women and ourselves. Women’s history month came and went, and yet, we still didn’t sound off with all the passion that we have inside us. Finally, it took a “one-drink-too-many” writer’s meeting to get the wheels churning. We spend countless hours listening to your music, your stories and your ambitions, but this time you can take a minute and listen to us, because you may learn something. All three of us come from different worlds and have different opinions, but because we all have breasts (exquisite breasts) we are viewed and treated as lesser beings, not worthy of a second thought. Well, we know better than that, and you should too. Below are our editorials, all posed around the general thought of being a woman in hip-hop. Nicole Cormier The question arises often in this misogynistic ...

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The XY Factor: Raw Hide


“Indubitably I’mma do me, better than your bitch would…” – Kendrick Lamar I have always been a writer. I am moved by images only as a learned adult. As a child there were no hand drawn turkeys on Thanksgiving, finger painted holiday cards or messy Warhol-esq attempts at artistry. I am a wordsmith, a pugilist with the pen. It has only been the past five years where I’ve written about the politics of hip-hop with intent and exclusivity. It just so happens the majority of this writing has taken place while living in Denver and covering this hip-hop scene. Throughout my tenure as a witness to the revolution and evolution of one of the most thriving rap scenes in the country I’ve grown to understand many things about the roles and rules the move this place. Covering rap music in Denver as intimately as one would have to in order to be effective has been interesting as a relative newcomer, ...

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The Solution


The Denver Solution‘s weekly revival took place on February 8, 2013 at the Meadowlark with the celebration of many hip-hoppers birthdays including (but not limited to), Xencs L. Wing, Bravo (One Eyed Kings), Karina, Blake, DJ Psycho and our very own Joseph Atencio. The tiny venue was packed all night, which made obtaining a drink at the minimally staffed bar a challenge. The varied birthday folks and their liquor-buying friends (is there any other kind?) could be caught lined up at any point throughout the night, prepared to order impressive amounts of amber colored shots . The slow bar situation probably made the Meadowlark miss out on some cash, but at least it kept us all from waking up with no memory of the night. The tables were graced by the likes of Lazy Eyez, DJ Izer, DJ Low Key, Sounds Supreme and DJ Vajra (Chris Karns). Each DJ played upon their own signature styles and tastes, while still catering to the crowd. Throughout the ...

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3 (Possible) Reasons You Aren’t One of the 20 Sexiest in Colorado Hip-Hop


What a month, eh? First one down, eleven more to go. With that noted, you might remember that at the beginning of last month I extended assistance to a community in dire need of assistance (not like any lames listened) with a simple article about stepping your press game up. You may also remember that I insinuated the piece as my Mr. Nice Guy approach. That means it’s time to hurt some motherfucking feelings. Now, there is some minor pre-reading you may want to consider before you continue. That’s because last month, though your man got into some knowledge, the most impressive article featured in the issue was one of controversy. Written by the always brilliantly beautiful Ru Black, this article was her personal list of The 20 Sexiest in Colorado Hip-Hop…and you can only imagine the opera that followed. Sparking an emotional outcry comparable to the Westboro Baptist Church after a lesbian abortion party, rappers were shedding tears left ...

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