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The 3hree Project


Today is the day, the one that many of us Colorado hip-hop heads have been waiting for. The official drop date of The 3hree Project. Find out more about the project and those involved over at www.thethreeproject.com or stream the whole project below.  

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The Precipice; FL talks Red Bull, Young Amsterdam, and more


The momentous energy that surrounds F. Lawless these days is palpable. He’s aligned himself with the upcoming summer season, snaking through block after city block with an onslaught of heat. He spoke with us about his recent membership in the Red Bull Sounds Select family (along with the equally unstoppable ReMINDers duo), his strategy behind his newly released project, and what else he has planned – spoiler, it’s more, and it’s sooner, than you’d expect.   So, congratulations are in order! You are officially a Red Bull Sound Select artist. What’s the story behind how that happened for you? Thank you!  So basically DJ Low Key has had a great relationship with Red Bull for the last few years.  They recently approached him to be a Local Denver curator for their Red Bull Sound Select Program.  Low Key has been a strong supporter of both foodchain, and my recent solo efforts, LIMBO and Young Amsterdam.  Beyond that Low Key is a super knowledgeable, dedicated DJ ...

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Colorado hip-hop loves the kids


People are starting to catch on to the great things that are happening in the community. I was recently sought out and asked to write about Colorado hip-hop for Colorado Public Radio. Not only was I happy to have another media outlet to write for, but I’m even more excited that people care to know about what the community has to offer. My first article which was published today (and can be read here) is about the family friendly side of hip-hop and how there are many people striving to bridge the generational gap and shape the future. Beyond the awesome people I interviewed (Bianca Mikahn, Molina Speaks, Chase Evered, and Travis Branam) and organizations I profiled in said article (yes, read it, I’m serious) I thought it worth touching on here as well. This weekend there are two family-friendly events that are worth mentioning, and attending. So grab up the young ones and share your culture. Saturday: 303 Choir ...

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Fresh Pressed: Trev Rich, The ReMINDers, Pries, Jahni Denver and more


We’re a little behind this week, but we have a ton of new(ish) music and videos that you may not have heard/seen yet, and a lot of it is really top notch. We’re not gonna dissect this batch, so you inject your own commentary. Trev Rich – “Migraines” The ReMINDers – “Africa on My Mind” Pries – “Willy Bandana” Wriky Knots featuring Cabby – “Dats Me” Jahni Denver – “Mysterious Ways” Maulskull (Black Mask) – Black Winter Volume 1 Almighty I.Z. – Hand Clapper Breaks Volume 1  

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Street Preaching: An Interview with Brother Ali


Brother Ali and Immortal Technique have embarked on The War and Peace Tour, co-headlining shows all over the country including their now customary stops at Rock The Bells. When I showed up at The Gothic on September 18th, Brother Ali was unsurprisingly spending time with his fans in the lobby, never rushing any of them but rather consistently expressing genuine interest and pleasure in their company.  His presence is both calming and intimidating, and during our interview he proved to be as authentic, candid, and thoughtful as any fan of his catalogue might expect. He dropped copious knowledge about the socio-political landscape of the nation, explained how his personal turmoil has effected the way he’s making music moving forward, broke the news with us about his upcoming memoir, joked about the fallible nature of men on the road, illustrated the blueprint Slug and The Rhymesayers created for the underground, and expressed his love for one of our favorite Colorado crews. In short, it’s ...

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The ReMINDers on Sway’s Universe


Check out The ReMINDers during their appearance on Sway’s Universe last week.

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Lord of the Microphone: The Multi-faceted Emcee


HipHopRollCall has run through DJing, breaking, and graffiti in the Mile High, highlighting our collective talent in these original pillars of hip-hop. These elements have been called the “core four,” so it’s time to round this shit out with the fourth pillar: hip-hop’s front man, the emcee. This month we’re examining components of emceeing through the eyes of various rappers within the community. They step off the stage and out of the booth to explain their experience in different aspects of the game; what’s worked for them and what hasn’t, what they love and what they can’t stand, and what they’ve learned about the craft that they’re addicted to. (Jump to the individual categories) Master of Ceremonies Writing Freestyle Image Live Shows Battle Touring Recording Message Promotion This piece was written and researched by Ru Black, Rachel Chesbrough and Nicole Cormier. Master of Ceremonies Being an emcee, means a lot of things, but where the name, and concept came from ...

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The ReMINDers – “If You Didn’t Know”


The ReMINDers just released a new video for “If You Didn’t Know,” off their Born Champions album. The bright, energetic visuals for this summer-time banger feature a gang of familiar faces and places. Check it out and let us know what you think!  

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4/20 Weekend Recap

420 Rally

It’s not too often that Denver becomes the place to be in the country, but during the weekend of April 20th, it was exactly that. Every sub-genre of rap was on display for three days as artists and fans flocked to the city to celebrate the smoker’s holiday. Given the amount of big name talent, drugs, and music heads, we could’ve called it a festival…but then we got high. Friday night Dilated Peoples kicked things off at Cervantes, their first show in Denver since signing to Rhymesayers. Unlike most crews with their longevity, Dilated’s cool never seems to fade. Their sets don’t change drastically year after year, but you don’t really want them to anyway. Babu spun a killer solo set, Ev’s energy was “hella” Cali, and Rakaa has mastered the art of chill. Prime Element (minus Cysko Rokwel who was out of town at the  DMCs) was brought on stage to perform their “Truth” track with Rakaa, and CO showed ...

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DJ Lazy Eyez


DJ Lazy Eyez is to the Colorado community what a DJ is to hip-hop, the foundation. From radio personality, to promoter, to music business guru, Lazy can – and does – do it all.  From his Basementalism days to present day Lazy has held down, supported and represented for hip-hop in every way possible and he is now the resident DJ, along with DJ Low Key at The Solution. Most recently he seamlessly curated and hosted the Denver DMC Regional battle at Casselman’s, reminding everyone how talented and confident he really is. When and how did you get your start DJing? My first gig was in high school. I was at a school dance and the school DJ never showed up. I was always that guy who used to rock thick books of CDs (remember the CD books?). I Dj’d that night with all the CDs I had in my car. Everyone had a good time and they asked me ...

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